My Creative Space Tour : Ruth @ Gourmet Girlfriend

This week I spent some time with Ruth from Gourmet Girlfriend.

Ruth absolutely has it all going on. I love her “whole” attitude to food and family. She’s all about the heart!

Ruth’s home is warm and welcoming…just like her! When I arrived Ruth made me a coffee to rival the best barista made cup in town. We sat and solved the problems of the world around her huge and filled-with-family-history kitchen table. Ruth is all about abundance, so of course the coffee is served in a bowl rather than a cup.

I snooped around a bit and chatted merrily about the bits and bobs Ruth has accumulated and the significance of certain items in the home. I loved hearing a little of the whys and wherefores of some of Ruth’s treasures. You can FEEL that each and every member of the family is represented in the trinkets collected and displayed.

As I was there to see the creative space in action I asked Ruth to fire up the stove. I was surprised to learn that Ruth’s dinners are usually a casually thrown together affair. The gourmet nature of the instagram images had me believing it was an all day (and probably the night before affair). Ruth paused for a moment to check the fridge before setting to work.

Ruth proceeded to cook and plate the gorgeous dish in casual, relaxed style. She even rained the fennel and cracked pepper in from a height a-la Jamie which of course made me love her more.

Thanks for having me Ruth…you’re tops. x

Creative Space Tour | Ruth @ Gourmet Girlfriend | #mycreativespace
Creative Space Tour | Ruth @ Gourmet Girlfriend | #mycreativespace

I am absolutely loving exploring these real life creative spaces and I wonder what you’ve been up to in YOUR creative life. Why don’t you pop over why don’t you pop over to My Creative Space and play along?


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    Nic @ Yardage Design

  • Michelle Crawford

    Oh my goodness! These photos made my day Kirsty – thank you! I loved visiting you today Ruth! xx

    • kootoyoo

      Hooray for lovely Ruth I say. x

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  • Nic @ Yardage Design


    • kootoyoo

      Thanks Nic. x

  • Reannon Hope

    So lovely to see a bit of Ruth in the photos, all bright & dazzling . Great series of pics Kirsty!

    • kootoyoo

      Thanks Reannon. She’s tier 1. x

  • Bren @ MiraNarnie

    oh how lovely!!! and what a delight to have a meal whipped up right before your eyes!!! I love all the quirky bits and bobs around the place that really make it unique…no wonder such amazing food comes from that kitchen,… it’s all heart! xx

    • kootoyoo

      The very best stuff is packed full to overflowing with heart. xx

  • Cathg1g2

    That pic of the gorgeous GG in her Marimekko apron, the best.

    • kootoyoo

      Marimekko + GG = makes sense x

  • Foxs Lane

    You are a star Kirsty.
    You really nailed the whole Ruth creative space thing.
    So gorgeous.

    • kootoyoo

      Thank you sweet Kate. I hope you might have me at the house of the fox eh? xx

  • Veggie Mama

    Wuuuth! I need a Ruth coffee.

    • kootoyoo

      You bet you do! x

  • Kate Dixon

    What a creative space! Loving this series Kirst…when are you heading North??


    • kootoyoo

      Just need a small excuse you know mate…round me up a day full of women + a day for you & me ok… x