My Creative Space Tour : Mel @ Loved Handmade

Just as I was winding up my beautiful beachy summer break I popped in to say hello to Mel. At the time of my visit Mel was waiting patiently for the arrival of her fourth child. The baby has now arrived! So, we’d like to say welcome to the world sweet babe. She was affectionately named #babylovedby on instagram. Of course that’s not her name now but I will always think of pregnant Mel with that gorgeous hashtag alongside her images, and smile.

As I walked up the driveway I had a pretty clear idea about what the inside of the house was going to be like. I’m generally pretty good at this kind of visualising (I worked in real estate about a 100 years ago). I imagine the layout of a house and I’m usually not far off. Imagine my surprise when the door was opened into this ENORMOUS space with double height ceilings and an amazing hearth. Honestly the space is magnificent.

The rest of the house literally revolves around this room. It truly is the heart of Mel’s home and it’s where she does all her making. I fell completely in love with the fireplace and spent a fair bit of time nosing around the things that inspire Mel’s beautiful creations. Just a half turn and I spotted the creative space. Mel’s supplies are housed in the beautiful little cupboard and in the space under the stairs Mel writes her blog, updates her shop and works in the business she operates with her husband. Still right there…where all the action is. Little treasures from our shared favourite haunt “The Mill”, as well as local op shops are scattered around the space.

Mel makes beautiful things, usually in a fairly neutral palette which is always going to tick my boxes (and always looks beautiful on instagram). Mel shared the “most colourful thing I’ve ever made” which is the beautiful granny blanket pictured above. She says her default position is grey…she never tires of it.

I watched Mel’s elegant hands hook a couple of rows of the waiting game blanket and was quite mesmerised by the deft but delicate movement of her hands and the yarn. I love the hook.

Thanks for having me Mel. It was a real treat.

My Creative Space Tour | Mel @ Loved Handmade | #mycreativespace
My Creative Space Tour | Mel @ Loved Handmade | #mycreativespace

Loved Handmade Blog
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  • Georgina Clarke


    • kootoyoo

      Isn’t it.

  • Sonia Robinson

    Such a gorgeous creative space! She makes very cute babies too!

    • kootoyoo

      The babe is quite divine.

  • Carol @perennial

    Mel’s home is as lovely as I thought it woudl be.. Nobody does the muted pallete quite like her. Gorgeous.

    • kootoyoo

      So true Carol. She’s a gem.

  • mel @ loved handmade

    Kirsty, it was so lovely to meet you. Thanks so much for the lovely words and your pictures are wonderful xx

    • kootoyoo

      Mel! Thanks for having me. I loved coming to yours. x

  • lamina @ do a bit

    What a lovely home full of beautiful hand made things!! Love it!

    • kootoyoo

      So lovely! x

  • Melanie Weeks

    Such a gorgeous lady it doesn’t surprise me that her space is equally lovely. I feel like I’ve “known” Mel for years (she was one of the first people to consistently come visit my blog back in the day) but your amazing images and eye for detail Kirst (how cute is that little bird in the branches?!) have really filled in the gaps!