Wednesday: Newsy Snacks For Busy People

Adoption: Attorney General Nicola Roxon has revealed that Prime Minister Julia Gillard will deliver an apology to parents and children affected by forced adoption.  The apology is planned for 21 March 2013 and was one of the recommendations from a Senate committee that heard evidence that almost 150,000 children were removed from unmarried parents between the 1940s and 1970s.  Read on here.

Celebrity Chefs: Researchers in the UK have found that many recipes by celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver are ‘not as healthy’ as some supermarket ready-made meals. Hm. Celebrity chefs’ cookbooks were compared with 100 randomly chosen supermarket meals and both were found to be lacking, not meeting the global nutritional standards recommended to fight disease.  The celebrity chef meals were higher in energy, protein, fat and saturated fat. I would say, though, that it’s up to the individual to plan their own balanced diet, and that you can easily pick and choose recipes, add healthy sides and reduce things like oil and salt if you so choose.  I also think a lot of cookbook recipes are ‘special occasion’ food and not everyday eating.  AND I think most people don’t cook to meet global nutritional standards, so this is just an important nudge in that direction. What do you think?  More here.

Home Alone: The Age reports that 40% of parents have left their child/children home alone and that many feel that they have no one to look after their kids in an emergency. This is so stressful for everybody involved, right? Shrinking or unavailable extended family and neighbourhood networks are contributing to this figure. The Age says that a survey of one thousand Australian mothers revealed that women felt work commitments and not having anyone available to look after their children were two of the main reasons they had left their children alone.  Would you leave your kids home alone? At what age? More here.

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  • Reannon Hope

    It’s not up to celebrity chesfs or supermarket meal makers to look after our health! I think we all know by now what’s healthy for us but it’s up to each individual to make the right choices. At the moment I think it’s right to eat iced gingerbread cookies each day. They might not be healthy for me but they are so very delicious & I enjoyed making them so that’s all good to me!

    I do get judged for this but I do leave my kids at home alone. This year we started letting them come home to an empty house one day a week. I would usually get home an hour after them. Then during school holidays we let them stay at home if I was working a half day ( if I’m at work all day I drop them at a friends). I’m lucky they are sensible & I trust them. I know not everyone agrees with what I do but it works for us.