Wednesday: Newsy Snacks For Busy People

Art Heist: Seven paintings including one each by Monet, Gaugin, Matisse and Picasso have been stolen from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam.  How amazing and awful. What would thieves do with such notorious works,  I wonder? You can see the (beautiful) stolen works here.

Housing Prices: More than one-third of people who bought their home after 2008 now have negative equity in their property, which is frustrating for them, I am sure.  Analysts predict this negative equity cycle will last for the next six years, as the market remains ‘soggy’.  The amount of new mortgages being issued has dropped too, as banks tighten up their lending requirements to avoid losses.  Read on here.

Menopause: It’s been found that contrary to popular belief, menopause doesn’t cause weight gain. It does, however, cause any gains due to environmental factors to occur in the waist area, rather than around the hips, due to the reduction in the amount of oestrogen in womens’ bodies.  More about that here.

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