Tuesday: Newsy Snacks For Busy People

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Here’s the best bits from about the internet, all in one spot… just for you!

South Korea’s first female president is to be inaugurated. At the BBC.
Ireland has apologised to women who were forced to work in nurse run ‘Magdalene Laundries’ between the  1930s and 1990s. At NPR.
The Oscars aftermath! All the winners, nipples and other bits and bobs are here.
And get a peek inside the Oscars swag bags here.
Why some people are more likely to catch a cold at Time.
A former sex-worker talks about students using sugar daddies to pay tuition and buy them gifts, saying they’d be better off working in brothels. More here.
And here’s the story on students and sugar daddies.
Bronte fans are VERY cross after their local council fails to buy the Bronte’s childhood home. More here.
A bus load of children have been rescued in Brisbane after flash flooding stranded their ride. At the ABC.
A man has tried to escape from a Greek prison for the fourth time, with the help of a chopper. More here.
The recent flooding in Bundaberg has caused a manta ray feeding frenzy! At the ABC.
Yahoo CEO Melissa Mayer has asked all employees who work from home to come into the office or lose their jobs. At news.com.au.
How music helps children deal with bereavement at The Guardian.

Around the blogs:
Gorgeous DIY gift wrap at Style Slicker. (Above)
The most amazing wind turbine. Sounds dull, but it really is not! On my blog.
Gorgeous Panzanella Salad at Drizzle and Dip.
Gosh. Buttermilk Beignets at Joy The Baker. (Below)

Trashy, fluffy bits:
How Dawn French feels about her body.
Ginnifer Goodwin met a homeless man. And it’s news.
Heidi Klum out and about again.
How to please a man, according to beauty blogger Louise Mensch. Gosh.

Have the very best kind of day, won’t you?

x Pip