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TEDx: Are you into TED? I’m a bit of a fan. They’ve recently launched their TED Books app, where you can download and subscribe to TED publications at a discounted (and handily mobile) rate. And it’s also just been announced that one of their spin-off events (called TEDx) will be staged at the Sydney Opera House in May 2013. Read on at Mumbrella. Find out more about Sydney’s upcoming TEDx here.

Rachel Griffiths: Rachel has some things to say about young men and mental health in the wake of the Aurora shootings.  She certainly is worried about gun control (as we all are), but she goes on to note that it’s important to turn the discussion back to WHY this happened and the mental health of the alleged offender.  That’s not to say that he’s not to blame, but rather that some young men (and women) grow up and grow away from the people in their life, reaching a point where they want to harm themselves or others.  What can we do to stop that from happening? Read on here.

Beccy Cole: Country singer Beccy Cole has come out. She’s said ”that to be yourself is the most important thing in the world” and decided to reveal her sexuality when she realised her son (who has known she was gay for his whole life) was trying to protect her privacy, being careful not to mention to his friends that his mum’s a lesbian. Aw.  What an ace family.  More here.

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