Thursday: Newsy Snacks For Busy People


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Good morning! Happy Thursday! Here’s today’s best bits to click!

Indian lawyers are refusing to defend those accused of the rape and murder of a young medical student. At the ABC.
Why one photographer quit Instagram after they changed their Terms of Service. At The New York Times.
A US man who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple (who then conceived and had a baby) is being sued for child support. Read on here.
A new study has found that people who are slightly overweight or even mildly obese may live longer. More here.
Baby formula Karicare is now being rationed by some retailers because it’s being bought in bulk and sent to China. Really?!
The woman who pushed a man in front of a train (to his death) is to undergo a psychiatric assessment. More here.
Melbourne’s property market is in a slump and is predicted to dip even lower. Read on.
Jean Michel Jarre may be leaving France. But it’s nothing to do with taxes, apparently. More here.
Huff Post publishes this piece for women ‘Five Reasons Your Divorce Is Your Fault’
A Justin Bieber chasing paparazzo has been hit by a car and killed. More at the ABC.

Around the blogs:
One of my favourite online shops in on sale.
I love this blog. They always make great mix tapes!
How about a parsley and orange salad? At Brooklyn Supper. (above)
Cute fashion picks (and a clever post!) at Pugly Pixel.
Design Sponge picks the best 2013 calendars.

Design Sponge’s Favourite Calendars : Click To Buy

Trashy fluffy bits:
Anne Hathaway smooching her husband.
Model Lily Cole is snuggling up to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey?
LiLo storms off the set of Million Dollar Decorators.
Paul McCartney’s New Year’s Eve.
More Anne Hathaway, this time for Harper’s Bazaar.

Have the very best day!

x Pip

  • Amanda

    I found the formula story interesting – thanks for posting it! Supply of formula is not something I had considered before. Not being able to find your formula of choice would be most vexing! However, it would be more distressing to not be able to trust any formula available at all, I think.