Thursday: Newsy Snacks For Busy People

Internet Trolls: Local lady about town Charlotte Dawson tracked down a Twitter troll, rang her up and then rang her boss too (after the woman urged Ms Dawson and one of her Twitter follower to ‘Go hang yourself’ via Twitter). Turns out the troll in question was a mentoring program staffer at Monash University. Yesterday she was temporarily stood down by Monash.  You can read the full story and see Charlotte talk about bullying and internet trolls here. I hope that the troll is getting some counselling too.

Home Ownership: reports that in hundreds of suburbs across Australia, it’s cheaper to buy than to rent.  Skyrocketing rents in most suburbs due to high demand means that those in a position to secure finance might just be better off owning their own pad instead.  Click here to see the full list of suburbs where it’s cheaper to buy.

Tony Danza: Did you know this? I did not know this! During the school year of 2009-2010, Tony Danza ditched his showbiz life to work as a tenth grade teacher at a Philadelphia high school. Wowee. He’s written a book about his experiences (and education reform) called ‘I’d Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had’ .  Writing recently for USA today, Danza says ”The question I still wrestle with is ‘in the midst of a tough economy and continuous budget cutting, how do we send a message to students that being in school and making the most of their time there is important?’” Read on at Good. Wow.


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