The Vibe of The Boob

Dave Grohl and wife Jordan on a breastfeeding break with baby Harper

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a photo of an amazing lady doing a headstand (au natural : in le nude) whilst breastfeeding her baby. I’ve seen the image floating about le internet before, and I think it’s cute, funny, adorable and gravity defying. (See below)

This image caused a furor on said friend’s Facebook page. For posting the image of the nude head-standy lady breastfeeding, my friend was called a Nazi, a pedophile, a hippy, a communist and a coward. The image was reported and Facebook removed it quick smart. Hmm. Not cool.  My friend is lovely. These comments are crazy-mean.  Facebook, WTF?

I thought we should talk about this right away.  So let’s talk.  Let’s talk about the fact that breasts are designed to feed babies? They are full of milk ducts, little pockets of milk-making cleverness, which funnel human milk down to a nipple festooned with lots of teensy yet magical openings from which milk may squirt, leak, drip, spray or trickle. This fantastical design allows a human baby to drink human milk from a human breast. It’s ‘the vibe’ of the boob. It’s meant to be.

I understand that NUDITY can be confronting to some people. I understand that yoga can be confronting to some people. I TOTALLY understand that booby multi-tasking can be SUPER confronting too. Combine all three and I am thinking that some people’s heads spin and they probably can’t work out which part of the equation is hurting their brain and making their wowser button click on.

Let’s break it down and see where the outrage might be coming from…

If it’s the multi-tasking thing that makes you Wow, Sir. Let me tell you that is nothing. I know a lot about breastfeeding. I breastfed my own kids. I breastfed whilst talking on the phone. I breastfed in the shower. I breastfed in the bath. I breastfed in the car. In a cafe. I may even have breastfed while making cheese on toast. It’s normal. Not a big deal. I have ‘a friend’ who breastfed a particularly fractious infant whilst sitting on the toilet sobbing uncontrollably thanks to weeks of sleep deprivation.  You do what you gotta do.

If it’s the yoga thing that makes you Wow, Sir (or Madam) then I get it. Yoga. It’s so stretchy. Point taken. I do not downward dog. I’m with you on that.

If it’s the nude thing that makes you go ‘Gosh!’ okay. Well. I kinda get that, because nudity is funny, sometimes sexy and often confronting.  They didn’t coin the term nudie rudie for nothing.  However, nude babies are born to nude women every day.  Breastfeeding in the nude is usually the first thing a baby knows. Nothing weird about it. Nope. It’s not the nudie rudie kind of nude.

So if it’s the breastfeeding that makes you gasp. Um. I’ve got nothing for you. Breastfeeding is normal. Natural. Meant to be. A great choice. Ideal (if you are able to do it!)

If breastfeeding is freaking you out, I can help you with that, think of it like this:  You know the story about Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?  Well, boobs are kind of like an amazing real life version of that.  Yep.  Um.  Except there is no chocolate. Also there are no oompa loompas.  And luckily there is no Willy Wonka. Phew.

What there IS, however,  is amazing, nourishing magical milk, made by humans for cute human babies.  And these rad women who are able to breastfeed* these cute babies are growing them into awesome people. Nude, yogic, multi-tasking or not.

It’s  the kind of win that is WAY better than a Golden Ticket!

xx Pip

*As are women who don’t breastfeed! They are rad too!

Edit : You know my friend who posted the upside down yoga lady image on Facebook to a chorus of abuse?  Well her name is Lexi and she posted her story on JustB shortly after I wrote this post.  You can read about Lexi’s experience as a Lactivist Pin-Up Girl here.

  • Wee Birdy

    Oh Pip, what a wonderful post, and a particularly brilliant description of the human breast. Love, love, love. xxx

    • Pip Lincolne

      Boobs have super-powers! They totes do! x

  • jobeveridge

    I couldn’t agree more Pip. What a load of Hoo-Har.
    Oh the places I have breastfed. I should write a book about them.
    On a plane, down a lane, on a train, under a tree, by the sea … you get the drill. Never once had a negative comment or even a funny look, but then, I used to love staring at their beautiful faces while they fed so didn’t know what was going on around me.
    Yoga on the other hand … ;)

    • Pip Lincolne

      I wish I was more yogic, sigh… xx

  • Katie

    Eloquently said.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Thank you KATIE! xx

  • heatherconroy

    Break it down! Go Pip! I don’t get the outrage either – is that weird? WHAT is going on? Is it people finding their voices? perhaps all this commenting will help in that we will all read others’ opinions and take them on board. I can only hope that will be so.

    • Pip Lincolne

      It’s REALLY good to hear how it is for other people. I really LIKE to hear that! I don’t like insults and nasty. But I like passion and opinion! Especially if it is intelligently and thoughtfully expressed! x

  • Elly

    Ha! As I read I am expressing milk. I love breastfeeding! I too have found myself sitting on the loo, crying and breastfeeding. I feed anywhere when my baby is hungry. I have had it suggested that I could feed her in the toilet, y’know for privacy. I asked that person if they would like to take their lunch in a public toilet, and that I only do that while quietly sobbing after no sleep. People need to chill out!!

    • Pip Lincolne

      When ya gotta go, ya gotta go, Elly! xxx

  • Pigs & Bishops

    I love, love, love this photo. It’s magical and beautiful and makes me wish I were better at yoga.

    The anti-public-breastfeeding wowsers are so exhausting. The number of times I’ve been told that breastfeeding mothers should be discreet … I don’t think those people have ever seen an easily distracted nine-month-old feed. I’d rather not show the whole tram my nipple, but my baby has other ideas when there’s so much else to look at!

    Someone I’ve known for almost two decades ‘defriended’ me on Facebook after we argued about this. I don’t know why it’s so upsetting – no matter how ‘indiscreet’ a mother and baby are, we can’t stop you from averting your eyes! I don’t expect everyone to love babies, but would you rather a feeding child on your tram or in your cafe, or a screaming one? That fateful Facebook post of mine really threw my public breastfeeding confidence, and it took a long time for me to stop wondering if I was making other people angry or upset (although thankfully it never stopped me from feeding my son when he needed it).

    Breastfeeding can be fun or horrid or loving or playful or quiet, but for the breastfed baby it is always one thing – essential. How can it be the twenty-first century and we’re still having this discussion? Being a new parent is hard enough without this unnecessary judgement and criticism.

    Thanks for a fabulous post.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Maybe it would be easier if we fed our babies from our noses. I mean, most people don’t equate noses with sex, so perhaps we could order a redesign and our babies could suck our noses instead. I mean SHEESH. Boobs are for babies. And sometimes boobs are for sexytime. And there is a very distinct LINE betwixt the two.

      BOOBS were meant for babies FIRST… so actually let’s leave the boobs for the babies and make the noses for sexytime. Yes?!

  • laurencarter

    Great post Pip. Yep! Breastfeeding is normal and lovely and I’d be lost without it! Having spent LOTS of time boobing and talking to peeps about the boob, I’m thinking that what might be surprising people in this photo is the baby. The baby is old enough to help itself to some food. And that is confronting to some people. I think it’d be great to look into why we might feel odd about older babes eating at the breast. It’s completely normal in this house, but even my own mother has been shocked to see my babies feed after a certain age… why is that?

    • Pip Lincolne

      I think it’s because boobs have become so sexualized. We are a bit messed up, I think. We are condition to think boobs are for sex first. But that’s actually not true at all, is it? We need to unlearn this boobs=sex thang. Boobs SOMETIMES equal sexy. But it’s not what they were meant for. It’s just a fringe benefit!

  • marshabennett

    Thank you! Beautifully written!

    It also made me have a little cry as I have just come to the end of my breastfeeding ‘journey’ after 26.5 months! Breastfeeding is the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done! My daughter weaned herself, much to my amazement.
    It has been such a big part of my life for over 2 years so I felt this milestone deserved a status update on my Facebook wall… but I also wondered about ‘offending’ some people. You know, TMI? But
    I did it anyway!
    Thanks again.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Well done to YOU and your RACK! Job well done, petal!! xx

  • Frankly Feisty

    Love this and your clever responses Ms Pip.
    It is a magical, clever, sharp, confronting, brilliant image.
    What people choose to see in the image of a naked breast is their own stuff.
    It’s a piece of the human anatomy, designed solely to provide sustenance for future generations.
    What we have turned it in to beyond that, is all sorts of complicated.
    The fact that boobs are EVERYWHERE naked, almost naked, squishy, Au-natural, pumped-up, augmented, drooled-over is the REAL problem here, because it has totally skewed (and not in a good way) the way people look at them,
    Get over it people it’s just a BOSOM, naked or not, feeding a baby or not.
    I was not so good at the breastfeeding thing for all sorts of long-ago reasons.
    I wish I had been, but I wasn’t.
    After struggling with my first 2 I didn’t even attempt it with #3 and the removal of the stress, guilt and shame of not being able to get it to work was instant.
    He was the easiest baby ever, coz I was so at ease.
    And all 3 of mine are healthy, and were never prone to more infections, or illnesses, or asthma or any other allergic disorders…other than hay fever (which they got from me!)

    • Pip Lincolne

      You are a brilliant woman, FF! And a wonderful mum of INTERESTING people!!! Go YOU! Thank you for your comment and kind, smart thoughts! xx

  • Name

    Ok, had to laugh at the yoga pic… I’m breastfeeding at the mo & even if I could do that yoga pose, I couldn’t cos I’ve got big boobies… which would mean they would clunk onto the floor and probably smother the poor bubba!!!!!
    There’s a great pic of Maggie Gyellanal (however ya spell it) b/feeding her bub in public, seeing that pic as a new mum made me feel ok about b/feeding in public. Ahh, found the link for it…

    • Pip Lincolne

      Oh I love that photo of Maggie! Thank you for sharing that!!!

  • Frankly Feisty

    Firstly, THANKS Ms Pip and your “nose feeding” suggestions just made me snort coffee out mine! So, you could be on to something there. X
    Secondly, that link just posted by ? With breast feeding celebrity Mum’s is all sorts of AWESOME.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Agreed! Sorry about the snort! Go suck a nose! x

  • Frankly Feisty

    Bugger auto correct…I did NOT pit that pesky apostrophe there! *mums*

  • Frankly Feisty

    Oh my! I give up hahahahahahahahaha PUT

    • Pip Lincolne

      You are the best. Yes. xxxx

  • Angela White

    Pip, you’re a lactivist! Lactivism is a strong community out there at the moment and so it should be.

    I’m still breastfeeding Luka at 18 months and he is the one doing the yoga/gymnastic moves while breastfeeding. Thankfully I never received any disapproving stares in public and my bobbies have had quite a public airing in these last 18 months.

    Well written Pip.


    • Pip Lincolne

      Awwww. That is so great that it’s going well for you two! I have seen your boobs. They look very clever to me! x

  • Karen

    I’m so glad that I have my very own set of milk making Chocolate Factory boobs!
    All my kids were nourished this way… and grew now I just wish I could do it standing on my head/shoulders like that!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Good on you, Mrs Wonka! Excellent boob use!!! xx

  • Karen

    Oops, that should of course read “and grew up to be great cute kids!”


  • Kirsty

    Hooray for you, hooray for your mate & hooray for breast feeding without all the other nonsense!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Yeah! Boobs are really useful for growing people! Yay boobs!!

  • Melinda

    I breast fed my almost 4 month old at the park yesterday while sitting at a table with friends watching our kids play, I also breast fed at a different park on two days earlier whilst sitting on a picnic rug watching my boys on the swing – baby was hungry I wasnt going to go and hide in the hot car (mind you I have fed in the car – front seat, back seat & boot!). Being a large breasted woman it is very difficult to feed in public without showing ones self, however I do the best I cant!! The best part about brast feeding (& I do feel for those that cant) is that its ready then and there with the right temp and amount when baby wants to feed NOW – I can not understand how anyone would get cross by this ??? I think this photo is totally amaizing, I love it ….. somewhat envious of the body on that lady!! …… I cant stop looking at it. Nothing is cutier than a rudie nudie little baby :-)

    • Pip Lincolne

      That baby is SO cute! I lub it! And I love it that you are so committed to feeding babies with your boobs, despite them making BIG appearances from time to time! Go you! Go your boobs! Go babies! xx

  • laurenbradford

    Nazi? Goodness gracious that’s a stretch (no yogic pun intended!). I only wish my body looked so fantastic upside down and in my Birthday suit!!! I am blessed to have breastfeeding success and I think the picture is awesome. It’s not sensual or really explicit. It’s just wow!

    • Pip Lincolne

      I KNOW! My boobs would slap me in the chin if I did that! I am totally impressed with her amazing strong body : perfect for the BIG job of mothering! x

  • Melissa

    Don’t you get it? Milk comes from a carton! So of course this outrage is justified.

    But seriously, I’d love to be able to show a photo of an adult human sucking on a cow’s udder to all those anti-breastfeeding folk so they can see just how ridiculous their attitude is. Unfortunately there aren’t too many of those photos around.

    Nor are there enough like these – really beautiful.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Yes! Good point re cows udder… now THAT seems quite weird! x

  • jodienoonan

    Awesome post Pip. As a breastfeeding mother it’s so hard sometimes. My son is 8 months old and very tall. I feel judged often by others watching and almost pointing me out. In the end I’m only doing what’s natural and giving him what he needs! The world needs more people like you to brING awareness to the good side of breastfeeding
    Thanks so much Pip!!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Viva La Boobies! Yes! Gosh. It’s a messed up world when women have to feel self conscious about feeding their babies, isn’t it? Good work with the breast feeding, Jodie!! x

  • felicakes

    Thank you Pip for another inspiring post. Breastfeeding is very near and dear to my heart and its something that I hope people’s view will change.

    I have been wanting to write my own breastfeeding story for a while and after this post, I might just do it now.

    • Pip Lincolne

      I think you SHOULD do it. It’s really important to share this stuff… Breastfeeding is WONDERFUL. No bones about it. xx

  • Melissa

    Reminds me of this rather cute little video:

  • Krystal

    Amazing story!! It makes me mad, that those who can don’t, and those who want to so desparately can’t. I had trouble once I was realeased from hospital. I was in tears for days. Saw this lovely lactation consultant & by that weekend. Amazingly bubs was perfectly attached. If ur hearts set on it, you’ll do anything u can to make it wrk. One mother I know expressed for 6mobths solid cos bub would latch on. She didn’t give up. And we both had people tell us that we could formula feed. But we didn’t. That’s dedication!! Thanks again Pip for you very insightful story & beautiful photo

    • Nikki Parkinson

      Sorry, disagree. I had my heart set on it 3 times and I successfully starved 3 babies until they went on to formula. It isn’t necessarily a natural thing for women and it’s REALLY hard when someone wants to breastfeed, gets all the advice in the world, is TOTALLY dedicated but their bodies just let them down.

  • Krystal

    Wouldn’t latch

    • Pip Lincolne

      Oh gosh. Breastfeeding is wonderful, for sure. But it can be difficult, painful, hard work and sometimes just not possible. Thanks for the reminder of that. xxx

  • lexicampbell-kentmann

    Thanks for backing me up baby. And I love this shot of the Grohl’s doing it. Everybody’s doing it.

    It’s important to have positive, life-affirming images to normalise breastfeeding. Can you dig it?

    • Pip Lincolne

      Even daggy non-famous people do it. You don’t have to be a yoga queen or a rock star! Go Lexi! x

  • librarygirl

    As long as society views women’s breast as bouncy toys for men rather than for feeding babies, this attitude won’t change.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Sad, yet true :( Thank you for commenting, librarygirl!

  • Astred

    I was breastfeeding as I read Lexi’s blog post earlier today, and I was breastfeeding when I read this post later (I am not at the moment as It’s kinda hard to type but easy to read an iPad one handed).

    I was a little taken back by the image, and this is my thoughts why.

    I agree that everything is so sexualised these days, so when this strong lady is putting herself out there in a brazen, naked yoga pose it’s not a particularly nurturing position you would expect for a breastfeeding position.

    Perhaps people (myself included) are affronted because it’s not a ‘madonna with child’ pose. Tori Amos once said something about you’re either one of the two Mary’s. Mary the saint with child or Mary the whore but ‘they’ (prudes and conservative society) will never let you be both. So you can be a mother, but not have a sensual side. Or you can be a wanton woman with no redeeming features.

    I do think I was responding how conservative media was telling me too (every day, in everything I read). And after considering the image, I really did a back flip and thought – it’s just breastfeeding!

    Although I don’t think I would ever really want to do that with my bub. I mean, being upside down and naked really doesn’t appeal to me personally. But I have no issue with nakedness. My husband and I both take the bub in the shower, it’s not a big deal.

    And obviously, I have no issue with breastfeeding!

    • Pip Lincolne

      I love what you wrote. I think it’s so honest and true. I also think that the media and the p*rn industry has conditioned us all into second guessing ourselves over images like this. We have to ask ourselves if it’s okay, because there are so many things to consider when you see an image of a naked woman. Is it exploitative? Is it sexual? Is it fake? Is it real? Hm. Super complicated. Perhaps some of us err on the side of conservatism, because it seems easier? I do not know, but I do know that YOU are fab and I loved hearing your view. Thank YOU! x

  • Donna Battams

    I wish that I could yoga like that!!

    • Pip Lincolne

      I’ll give you a headstand race. Starting…. after I drink this glass of wine. I can’t drink wine if I am upside down. It will go up my nostrils :) x

  • katesaysstuff

    I adore this post, beautifully put Pip.

    As I type I am breastfeeding two children. Literally. One of them is 1, the other is 3. So you know, just in case anyone wanted to point the freaky hippy la la finger at anyone here I am!

    That photo blows me away, oh the muscle strength that woman must have! I’m no yoga person but my baby girl often attempts head stands herself while breastfeeding. I wonder if that counts.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Aw. That is so cute. I would like to point my freaky hippy la la finger at you, Kate! We can be freaky hippy la las together! xxx

  • jacquicraig

    How ironic I had to log in through Facebook to leave this reply – and the story also reinforces my determination to keep my Facebook friends-only!

    I remember when I first saw this image several years ago when I was still breastfeeding and also not being entirely sure of it. I still can’t quite decide why because obviously I BFd, I do sometimes do yoga and nudity doesn’t worry me, but there’s something… I think the closest I can come to defining it is that it’s kind of a show-offy political statement, kind of a “look at me” image. Or maybe I feel that way because it hits some sore spots I have about my lack of yoga prowess and the state of my body nude! There is no doubt it’s a confronting image on so many levels, Even for people who don’t just see boobs as sexual objects – and I kinda wonder if that’s exactly what it’s meant to be? It’d be really interesting to know a bit more about the background to it.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Oh thanks so much for commenting! And for being so honest about your own feelings about this image and its motivation! Thank you! x

  • carolegoldsmith

    This is a beautiful image. Much less offensive than some other posts that are not removed from Facebook.Reminds me of many times over my seven years of breastfeeing three children who would demand a feed whenever with no regard to what I was doing at the time – and I didnt mind at all. Always grateful that I could just let the baby attach and not have to steralise and prepare formula – i was blessed to have milk on tap. I have a lovely photo of my daughter feeding while I was in the bath – not quite yoga – but a lovely moment to hold on to.

    • Pip Lincolne

      That’s pretty lovely, Carole! It’s so special to feed a baby via breast or bottle. Babies are lovely.

  • Claire

    I really like this picture – it makes me smile :-D . The more we breastfeeding mums feed in public and amonst family and friends in all sorts of places and all sorts or situations… The more it will be accepted as an ok thing to do.

    When I had my first child I tried to cover up with a muslin but I couldn’t coordinate it at all so I’ve done without a cover ever since :-) . And I have big breasts, BIG! So a lot of flesh is exposed :-) if people are offended they can look away. BUT I’ve never had any negative response and if I did I’m confident enough now that any comments would be dealt with in a very firm manner.

    I’m currently breastfeeding my 4mth old daughter and I recently fed at the Taste of Tasmania. We were there with a friend who is a new mum and she said that she didnt have the nerve to feed uncovered, but then I did and I noticed that when my friend fed her bub a while later she didn’t cover her baby. :-)

    I have another friend who breastfeeds her 20mth old daughter and feels judged – and I do acknowledge that people maybe taken aback when they see it because breastfeeding an older child is rarely seen and maybe not expected – but I think that most people will take it away with them and will be less shocked the next time they encounter a mum feeding a toddler.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Oh I think you are right! We need to see MORE of it! We need to clarify the confusion some people feel about boobs and show them how lovely and natural and normal it is to feed a bubba! Thanks for telling it from your side! Big boobs and all! xx

  • Gemmipopdesigns

    This is maybe a bit off topic, but I read this with some interest because I don’t have any children, but we do have plans for the future. I have found everyone’s responses really helpful, because over various discussions with other ladies about their baby experiences, I felt there was a really unpleasent attitude that if you didn’t breast feed, for whatever reason, you were some awful, terrible (and even selfish) person, that didn’t deserve to have babies. It made me feel really stressed that if when the time comes I can’t breast feed, or even worse, decide not to, that I would be vilified. Some of these opinions came from people that maybe have a different generational viewpoint, but one was only a few years older and was really quite aggressive. So I guess the point I’m making is that this post made me feel positive about breast feeding, as a wonderful and amazing thing to do, rather than an obligation. It makes me sad that there can be so much judgement surrounding something so natural!
    So thanks lovely ladies, you’ve settled my mind!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Aw NICE! Hey… you will do what works for YOU and YOUR BABY! It will be the right thing! Mums always try to do what’s best for their kidlets, and I have no doubt that however you birth, feed and care for your baby to be, it will be what works for you! And that is SUPER IMPORTANT!!

  • Rebecca

    I am in total awe of this feat of excellence. Why? Nude, doing a bloody hard yoga position, and sustaining another human life at the same time! Wow! And the guts to be photographed while doing it! Aah-mazing! And while we’re at it, I was unable to breastfeed my first two babies, then successfully breastfed my third baby for 27 months until he weaned himself. I fed him anywhere and everywhere, albeit not in the nude doing a handstand! But man, I wish I did, how empowering would that be!? We can’t win a trick sometimes (us gals) nude, fully dressed, bottle feeding, breastfeeding…doesn’t matter what we do, there will always be someone somewhere feeling the need to pass judgement in the most negative of ways. I say, give it up for the nudie boobie feeding yogi woman. Clever and relaxed, can’t beat that!

    • Pip Lincolne

      You. Are. Great. I love your comment. I love how celebratory, encouraging and generous you are. Thank you for reading my piece!!! xxx

  • Beck of

    Well done pip. I’m a new mum with a little 3 week old girl who knows nothing but my boobs! Sure it’s sometimes uncomfortable or downright painful (for me, not the onlookers!) but for my husband and I, we believe it’s the best start for her- and I feel blessed that I can do it. I don’t understand people who are so offended by it. :(

    • Pip Lincolne

      Oh good luck to you, Beck! Watch out for mastitis and stay in touch with your health professional if you are having any troubles. They can TOTALLY help you out! And they can advise you about what will work best for you! Congratulations on your new wee bubba! How ADORABLE! SUCH a special time for you guys!!

  • Maala

    Great post, Pip. I believe there are two issues here, the act of breastfeeding and the act of breastfeeding in public. It would be great if both choices can be made freely, without pressure and certainly without scrutiny. That would be an ideal world, one which we do not live in. So we do what we can. As you said, mums know best. As for the yogic wonder of a woman, kudos to her. It is beautiful shot in so many ways. But I subscribe to the principle that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, even if it is based on ignorance. That photo may offend some people, if so, they can be offended and even voice it. The rest of us, I reckon, can celebrate the beauty.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Maala! You are SO reasonable! You are right. We can celebrate and those who are confronted can choose to feel what they feel. And as long as they are not abusive in their language or disrespectful to others, I think that’s totally their right! You are right! We have the best readers at JustB. Super smart and super fair.

  • Jerindi

    Ha ha hee hee,
    you made me laugh Pip, at this punchy & humorous piece of writing, & also at the folks who cannot see the big picture or beyond this one.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Thanks for reading, Jerindi! The comments have been super interesting today, too. WAY more interesting than my piece, I think!! xx

  • pinkminx

    It still amazes me the furore that brestfeeding creates, such a wonderful natural beautiful thing that provides a baby with the best things in life. I too breastfed and remember breastfeeding whilst walking down the street, on buses, in fact anywhere where my baby needed it. My thinking was would you rather listen to my baby screaming for her need to be met or see me placate her, nourish her and offer her the bonding, security, warmth of breastfeeding. I for one was not prepared to let my child scream for attention.
    My niece is now breastfeeding her son and recently took part in a breatfeeding flash mob at a cafe that had asked a breastfeeding mother to stop or leave.
    Perhaps we could/should all post pictures of ourselves breastfeeding on the same day and see how Facebook reacts to this?
    Well done on your article Pip. We need to promote the proper purpose of the breast.

    • Pip Lincolne

      I think if we promote the proper purpose, then there is plenty of room for the boobs as toys stuff too. We just need to respect the breast! We need to help people understand why we have boobs, what the number one purpose is…. and then the other stuff can fall into place. Respect the Breast! Let it do it’s job when it needs to…!

  • Name

    My daughter is nearly 5 and she still likes to suck the boobie. Last day is this coming Monday as she starts school on Tuesday. We have made a deal. Any opportunity she sees the boob as I get in the shower, change my cloths, have a low neckline she tries to attach!

    When I saw the image I thought the woman must have done her usual naked morning yoga, baby crawled over as baby saw boobie from afar and attached. My daughter would be the kind to do this, see boobie and grab any opportunity for a comforting suck.

    As for photo; Daddy saw great moment to capture for forever memories and sharing and now it’s gone wold wide to be picked at. People need to loosen up. Life should be full of laughter and boobs for nourishing :-)

    • Pip Lincolne

      That’s such an interesting theory, about the baby crawling over! It sounds totally feasible to me. When babies want the boob, they want it now! x

  • Jenny

    I breastfed all three of mine and in many places as well. The park, car, eateries, malls, watching t.v., in bed… I was usually discreet, but those little hands will usually pull my blanket down and the inevitable nip slip would happen. I see nothing weird or inappropriate about a women nourishing her child. It is such a natural thing. Their are so many nourishing aspects as well. Lowers their risk of ear infections, asthma, and so many more its crazy.
    And I totally agree that when we are at the hospital or wherever we birthed out babes we are so naked feeding that babe.
    I love boobie multi-tasking, cause I did a whole lot of that, maybe not while doing yoga, but ;)
    Great article!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Thanks Jenny! We can’t always be sitting quietly with a pillow under the baby and a glass of water beside us like in the breastfeeding manuals! Sometimes it’s one hand crooked around the baby while the other one flips pancakes, pours glasses of milk and tries to wipe a nose or two!! xx

  • lisapollard

    I find that picture so funny, hilarious in fact, how anyone can find that offensive is beyond me! Excuse me while I go off to bf my 7month old, fully clothed and on the couch, how boring of me.

    • Pip Lincolne

      At least do a bit of a hokey pokey, Lisa.. Go on! x

  • ellensalathiel

    Thank you for this lovely post Pip. I am still breastfeeding my gorgeous 1 year old son, and it took me a long time to get him feeding as he was prem and has Down Syndrome. But I was lucky enough to have a good milk supply and access to lots of supportive nurses to help me persevere, as well as having a totes amazing baby who was also very persistent. Being able to breastfeed has not only been super good for my bubba’s health, but it has also been a big source of comfort for me during some difficult times – when things get tough it is such a great relief to be able to take time out to give comfort and nourishment to a tiny little baby that you love so very much.

    I have never had any problems with breastfeeding in public – in fact I often get positive comments from women who see me doing it. But I do feel very much for women such as NIkki, who have felt judged because they have been unable to breastfeed. That is not cool. As I said, I had a lot of support when it came to breastfeeding and was physically very capable of doing it, and I very much wanted to do it, and is not like that for all women. I think it’s sad that some mum’s put themselves under lots of pressure because of what people around them think they should or shouldn’t be doing. People around new mum’s should be helping take the pressure off so that mum can relax and enjoy being a mummy. After all, that’s what’s best for baby isn’t it?

    P.S. I also love the link to the pics of celebs breastfeeding – esp Selma Blair feeding a little bubba in Africa – so beautiful. And I LOVE the video of the yoga mummy – so funny and cute – it seems easier to get the humour from the video than from the still pic for some reason, but I think both are great.

  • ellensalathiel

    Sorry – I meant Salma Hayek – not Selma Blair!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Yes. I think people forget that for some women breastfeeding is really really difficult… even not possible at all. Personally, despite being a world champion breastfeeder, I think that as long as you are smooching your baby a lot (which all mums do!) : bottle or breast are both great options. Mums always do the best they can do. It’s not up to us to judge them. Even the term ‘Breast is best’ is a heart breaker for mummas who can’t breastfeed.

      How about CHEST IS BEST?! Bottle or boob, snuggle them close and give them lots of love!

      Thanks for commenting… and how amazing is that Selma Hayek video!?!

  • Rach P

    I have to be honest and say that I found the picture confronting when I first saw it. But I don’t actually know why. Maybe it’s the free-ness of it. Normally, breastfeeding women cover it all up and I feel totally comfortable with it all. This is so… free. But now I’m just analysing myself.

    But that is a good thing – being confronted. Your views should be challenged. Views that you never knew you had. I am not upset or offended by the image and it has definitely struck some kind of chord with me. I get annoyed with all this kind of censorship.

    Good on you Pip and Pip’s friend and the lady in this photo. Keep on challenging everyone. That’s how we all grow.

    (and that body is amazing! Inspirational, even!!)

    • Pip Lincolne

      I am LOVING your self analysis! I am loving the idea that perhaps it is the freedom that’s the issue. I feel like you are onto something. I think she is free and comfortable and accepting of herself and her baby and her world. And a lot of us are not! And confronting ourselves and our insecurities is a bit startling sometimes! YES! Thank you for popping in, poppet!

  • felicityhoward

    Pip, thank you so much for the support of your friend, and breastfeeding. I am one of the lucky ones, I successfully breastfed all of my three children, the last until he was three years old. While breastfeeding I was also the publicity officer for ABA ( Australian Breastfeeding Association ) in my local area. I visited lots of new mums in hospital, some could breastfeed, some couldn’t. I totally understand that for some women, it wasn’t possible. What broke my heart was visiting brand new mums in hospital that had already decided that breastfeeding wasn’t for them. It broke my heart. I grew up thinking that’s just what boobs are for, but society has turned breastfeeding into something that is embarrassing. It shouldn’t be so hard to do something that may be hard at first, but ultimately is the best thing for your baby. I know it’s hard because I remember sitting in the bath, crying my eyes out, trying to relieve my mastitis, with a blister the size of a crater on one of my nipples, thinking, I’m just going to have to introduce the bottle. But I didn’t, I preserved, and went on to breastfeed for another 18 months. All mums are beautiful, breastfeeding or not. Thank you for not being afraid to talk about breastfeeding.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Argh! I remember those moments! Boobs like knives were sticking into them! Lumps and bumps and runny noses and fluey-ness! But those moments don’t last! Sometimes you can push through! (And sometimes you can’t, too!) ALL mums are BEAUTIFUL! Boob or bottle! Chest is best, so snuggle your bub close to your heart and just do the best you can do, I say! x

  • Lauren

    I totally find that image offensive- I mean where does that lady get off having such a beautiful figure, and also so well functioning even upside down?!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Tee-hee! You are ace! x

  • Eilidh

    Fantastic post Pip. Double thumbs up for breastfeeding, suppprtive hug to your friend and a big thumbs down for Facebook! Here in Scotland there is a law that stops people from having a pop at you for breastfeeding in public. I must say that I’ve fed out and about a lot over last 2.5 years (2nd baby is 9mths now) and have never had anyone have a pop although it’s good to know I could yell “breaking the law!” at anyone who tried! Thumbs up to Scottish Government for this too. This image is provoking (for some) and if it gets people talking about breatfeeding then I believe that’s a good thing.

    • Pip Lincolne

      I LIKE IT! We could go around making citizen’s arrests in the name of the boob/bub! Yes!!

  • Chrissie

    Sorry Pip, I DO find breastfeeding uncomfortable. I squirm when people say that its “Beautiful” and “natural”. When I am out in public and I see a lady mumma with her tittie hanging out and a little bub on the end I start to panic. (Did that mumma see me glance in her direction for a millisecond? Does she think I am a weirdo pervo? Should I move away to give her more privacy?) All these silly thoughts go through my head.
    …There is also another reason. I must admit I am envious of the multifunctional boob. I am not a mumma. I dont completely understand the spiritual and practical bond that exists with breastfeeding your own child. All I know is when I see a mumma with her boobs proudly out in a public place I also secretly think. “show off!”
    I can’t flash my boobs in public, Mr policeman would lock me up.
    Sorry gals, but that is the way I feel. So maybe some consideration should be given to people like me who are sqeamish and suffer from mulifunctional boob envy.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Ms Chrissie, thanks for sharing your opinion so honestly. xx

  • ameliasmith

    Amazing . Just found my picks from 6 yrs ago of my new born feeding . I didn’t know I had photos of this . I remember getting a hard time from people just two weeks into feeding .
    I was lucky my mum was at the birth as nurses were trying to get baby to feed without any joy.
    However , she wasn’t hungry. As she wasn’t early . Just on time… with a huge placenta and well fed .
    We were very lucky.
    I don’t know what we would have gone through without my mum being there and stating that the baby wasn’t yet hungry ad …BACK OFF the nurses .
    I know people can’t get it right all the time but there is nothing better than a bit of first hand knowledge and experience .
    Baby finally fed when everyone had gone from the home birth and all was calm again .
    This wonderful photo of the yoga lady and baby is an excellent example of joy and knowledge for womankind .

    This photo is fantastic .
    Its given girls a voice .
    Remember mumma knows best
    Boobs are love not lust

    • Pip Lincolne

      Oh that is great. Thanks SO much for sharing your experience of breastfeeding. It’s so different for everyone, isn’t it?! I love it that your Mum had the confidence to say ‘Ease up, all in good time’. What a rad mum! x

  • Deb @ Bright & Precious

    Absolutely brilliant! I love how clever yet gently written this was. If I mention breastfeeding on my blog it tends to alienate many – by the sheer fact that I do it! Still breastfeeding my 3.5 yr old and 14 month old too. They are in love with it – they truly think it has magic properties!

    • Pip Lincolne

      It IS magic! It fixes hunger, sadness, loneliness, pain! Super magical, really…! Thank you for reading my piece. xxx

  • Leah

    Why is it that nobody gasps and looks uncomfortable when seeing a calf feeding form its Mum or puppies, kittens or any other animal feeding it young? Are we only offended by ourselves? If the calves, puppies, kittens, kangaroos and human babies didn’t feed from mothers boobs through the ages then none of us would be hear today. We would have starved to death. The planert would have been over taken by snakes and frogs! All the haters need to ask. How did I survive my infant years? Chances are you would not be hear if not for the boob.

  • samone

    I love that image and the post, Pip. To take offense to it is BANANAS. I mean, if nothing else, it is FUNNY. How can you not applaud that lady and laugh!

    I breastfed twins for 14 months and was a semi-nude hula girl for the first 7 months when I had two babies balanced on a giant u-shaped pillow. For them to be fed – and for me to have a life aside from breastfeeding – I had to fed them at the same time in those early months. They were like little Garfields with suctioncaps on the back of a hatchback automobile!

    I’d love to have had those wowsers flippin’ their lids in my loungeroom every three hours while I fed and grew my babies. I was very sleep-deprived and crazy-tetchy so would’ve put them in their place.

  • Jo

    Thanks for starting such an interesting conversation. I’m a mumma of two scrumptious boys who were both breast fed ( my 20 month old is still having a bit here and there!! ) Both times I have had a bloody hard time at the start, what with cracked bleeding nipples and breast abcess’s ( Ouch!) The thing that got me through both times was the wonderful support and wise words of my mum. When I had my first boy, a young single mumma, I was terrified and in agony, but my mum encouraged me to perservere, telling me that one day I’d be able to breastfeed while riding a horse back to front and upside down! While I haven’t tested that theory I have done it in a car, in a bath, lying down, standing up and many many other ways! I have been told that it was “gross” to feed my bubba in public by young girls whose own breasts where in danger of spilling out of their low cut dresses and escaping into the wild!! I just laughed and smiled and kept on feeding, my little one wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, and that’s the most important thing! x

  • shelleyjones

    This is awesome! I love it :-) I will never understand some peoples issue with such a beautiful and natural act of nature

  • Carly Findlay

    This is an amazing picture – wowing at the multitasking. Very cute. I think outcries over breastfeeding are unnecessary. Thank you for writing so eleoquentyly

  • relish

    I think boobies are super magical too! And so do my three babies. The old dude in the spotlight checkout line a couple weeks ago did not. I feed wherever and whenever da bubba is in need of it. And I was not, absolutely not, losing my place in that line. Offended old dude or no.
    Also regularly feed while making breakfast/lunch/dinner and doing a myriad of activities with the two big smalls.

    Mums who love their bubbas and take care of them are ace, boob or no. Simple message is do what it takes to survive the intense time that is babies.

    BTW: Seriously love this pic but am totally jealous of her – wish I could yoga like that!!

  • MothersTop5Tips

    What a lovely article. I just see an opportunistic little fella trying to get some while his mama is trying to get some exercise :) You are so right that this is the reason boobs exist. Breasts are so sexualised that people are even more weird about my boy-baby breastfeeding than they were with my daughter. As if he is already seeing them as sexual objects because he is male. He is a baby! He sees food!
    Sorry for all the exclamation marks but I find it so strange that we’re even having this conversation. By the way, kudos to this mum who is so in shape, I wish.

    • Pip Lincolne

      I totally agree with you! How beserk is it?! I mean, they are boobs. It’s called breast feeding. It’s for babies. So simple, no?!

  • Sue A.

    I have nothing against Breastfeeding did it my self with 2 of my children. but never felt the need to do it in public found I didn’t enjoy it felt it was all a bit rushed and uninviting like to do it in comfort at home were I could interact with my baby and was much more hygenic always able to plan my day around feed times .

    • Nitzerette

      If you ‘never’ felt the need and ‘always’ able to plan your day, then how would you know it wasn’t enjoyable, was rushed and was less hygienic?

  • Emma_shephard

    I breastfed my baby whenever and where ever she needed it!! Yep I got a lot of looks but my boobs are food makers and I’m not waking around flashing them! I personally don’t want to go into a little cubicle to feed my baby when I’ve only got 5 minutes of shopping left, just because someone can’t get over the fact that I use my boobs for what they are made for!!

  • Caroline Keir Wright

    Wow I can’t believe this caused such a stink, personally I think she is very clever. I do yoga, I breast fed 4 kiddies, I can get nude, maybe not all at the same time, that takes talent!  Honestly, some people Pip, you have to wonder don’t you? 

  • mrutledge

    Maybe she was just trying to stop her hiccups…or his!

  • Zena Jaber

    I am a super modest person when it comes to revealing my body flesh. I wear a breastfeeding singlet and a breastfeeding t-shirt, plus I wrap a muslin cloth around me and my baby. Twice this month I have managed to get out to a cafe with my newborn and both times I’ve had people engage with me (loudly) in conversation about breastfeeding – one about the lady at the pool and one about an episode on neighbours – both of these I was not aware of because I’ve been too busy with a newborn. Anyway, my point is although I don’t think it was negative comments towards me, I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to be as discreet as possible yet I still think it makes some people uncomfortable. I need to feed my baby in public places because I have to go buy groceries for the house, it’s as simple as that.