Style: Eleven Ethical Local Fashion Picks

Ethical fashion. It’s a really important thing to be across.  The terrible Bangladesh tragedy has created awareness about this issue in the saddest of ways. Hardly a silver lining when so many lives were lost, but definitely something we should talk about.

I’ve done a bit of a scout around for Australian fashion retailers who have been accredited as ethical choices. I think you could also turn to some local Etsy sellers or craft markets for even more positive purchases (just make sure you ASK about where the items were manufactured.)  There may still be issues with the ethics of the raw materials used in fashion, but this is one great way to shop consciously and be sure your garment is not made at the expense of someone else’s human rights.

I had a lot of trouble sourcing authentic plus size fashion. I couldn’t find any that was ethical and also on trend. But perhaps I am looking the wrong places? If you know of any labels or retailers who produce or stock ethical plus size garments, please could you let me know in the comments. I’ll write a Part 2 in this series and we can promote their great product too!

Here’s some great local ethical fashion choices to consider. Is this something that’s important to you?

Style: Eleven Ethical Local Fashion Picks
Style: Eleven Ethical Local Fashion Picks
  • hugoandelsa

    Those images of the clothing workers were haunting and I always think of them when I see ads for $5 jeans and $2 tea-shirts. I love this label and they have great sales so I buy up big when they are on. The clothes are mailed in calico envelopes and sealed with wax, and signed by the person who made the clothes. The website has stories about the people who make the clothes and their life, sometimes very sad. I’ve also bought a couple of jumpers from cute jumpers knitted to order by crafty ladies in Africa. I love the Slow wardrobe movement. Thanks for talking about it Pip!

    • Pip Lincolne

      Thanks for these super awesome tips Michelle!! x

  • Lexi Kentmann

    This leaves me with a heavy heart. So everyone’s all grabby over cheap and cheerful clothes – but nary a thought over whose hands had to sew them up carefully. It’s not fair. And I’ll be more thoughtfully purchasing clothes. It’s not sustainable – and in this picture – we’re being the big man, pushing the little man down.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Yes. Yes. Yes. I think we all need to think about this very carefully. And then ACT ON IT! Thanks for commenting, Lexi! x

  • TheMacrameProject

    My name is Yaron and I am the co founder of an ethical fashion brand producing handcrafted jewelry along side village women in the developing world. I recorded a song about the Dhaka tragedy a few months ago . It is not only the awareness to ethical fashion brands that is lacking but rather the awareness to how sinister the high fashion brands really are.

    • Pip Lincolne

      Thank you for sharing this, Yaron. Much appreciated.

  • sarah

    thanks for your list. I’ve also been searching for ethically produced plus-size women’s clothing and am utterly frustrated. I’d be so glad to know if you’ve found anything!

  • Jo (down to earth mother)

    Thanks for putting up this selection of fun and funky ethical clothing. I find that many people out there think ethical clothing equals saggy-bummed happy pants and henna-dyed singlets that lose their shape after the first wash. As your post shows, this is definitely not the case. $4 t-shirts are simply not cool.

  • Qinnie

    My name is Qinnie and I am the founder and sole director of Oz Fair Trade (, a registered charity that aims to alleviate poverty through fair trade. The Fair Trade movement has come a long way, and I see Ethical Fashion as an integral part of it. We have beautiful Fair Trade jewellery and homewares in stock, including recycled bombshell bangles and spoons ( I totally agree that Ethical Fashion is the way of the future, and we consumers have the power to make things right!

  • Munmun Nishi

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