News on Toast: Parents not appy about adult content for kids

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Aussie tourists told to stay home as a fresh terror plot is uncovered in Bali, children’s apps outrage parents with R-rated ads and a new sexual harassment claim raises questions about flirting in the workplace: The morning’s hot topics in bite-sized pieces just right for dunking.


Terror plot in paradise foiled

Bali policeman.

An Indonesian police officer at Kuta Beach in Bali. (AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati)

Australian tourists planning trips to Bali have been urged to reconsider after it was revealed yesterday five terrorists killed by Indonesian police had been planning to bomb a popular tourist spot on Thursday night.

Police had been following the men for a month before launching their raid on Sunday, in which all suspects were shot. It has since been revealed that the terror cell was planning a bomb attack on the La Vida Loca bar in Seminyak, just north of Kuta beach. The Australian today reports the terrorists had “surveyed” the area extensively and “drawn diagrams” of the bar.

At this point it’s unclear whether any other members of the terror cell are still at large, but The Australian reports security on the island has been tightened.

More than 5000 Australians are holidaying in Bali with another 2000 due to arrive in coming weeks.

>> Would you change your travel plans, or chance it? Does this news make you reconsider Bali as a future holiday destination?


Hey kids, do you want porn with that?

A children's education app displaying ads for dating and gambling websites. Pic: Gizmodo.

Next time you go to download one of those fun, free kids’ apps on your tablet or smartphone for your little one to play with – you might want to spend some time playing it yourself first. The Daily reports today that many free apps aimed at children feature advertisements for porn, guns, gambling and scientology.

Android app Kids Match ‘Em has attracted furious Amazon reviews for interspersing a memory game with r-rated advertisements picturing scantily dressed women, while Nursery TV for iPhone made headlines in Austria after it was found to be advertising scientology in between its nursery rhymes.

With online and in-app advertising largely unregulated, and many app designers unaware of or indifferent to the problem, the only option for parents is to download an app that filters inappropriate ads or pay for ad-free versions of children’s apps.

>> Have you ever downloaded a free app for your kids? Did you think to check it for R-rated content? How do you regulate what your kids do online?


Sexual harassment or “light hearted” fun?

Rebecca Richardson is suing her former employer for sexual harassment. Pic: Daily Telegraph.

Here’s a question: What do you consider “light hearted banter” in the workplace? Joking about last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules, maybe? Asking a workmate round to your place for a BBQ on the weekend, perhaps?

What about asking them to go on a “dirty weekend”? Or referencing that same person in front of other staff by saying “I think we were married in a past life, I bet the sex was hot” ?

Sydney woman Rebecca Richardson alleges both of those things were said to her by colleague Randol Tucker when she worked at software company Oracle, the Daily Telegraph reports. She’s now suing the company in the Federal Court because, the court was told, when she complained about Mr Tucker’s behaviour and requested to no longer work with him, he stayed in the same job while she was “demoted” into a lesser role.

Mr Tucker’s lawyer Anna Perigo claimed in court the incidents were nothing more than “light hearted banter” between workmates.

For legal reasons we can’t comment on this particular ongoing case, but it does raise an interesting topic – how far is too far when it comes to office banter?

>> Are you careful what you say in the office? Do you think flirting in the workplace is ever appropriate? How far is too far?


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  • Emma Sparnon

    I buy official apps, playschool/lego/thomas and friends. None of these have any ads so I don’t have to stress about Oli.

  • Renee Franks

    It’s hard for me with the apps/net/computer/tv shows/life, because my son is more advanced intellectually than he is emotionally, so what his interests involve are usually not age appropriate. So I vet everything he sees or does for that reason. I don’t think it’s right, though, that anything geared towards young children should have 18+ content in any way. 

  • ecobabe

    Bugger! I was planning to book our Bali trip today, we are 2 families that are planning to spend the last 2 weeks of May in Bali :( Feeling all up tight and not sure what to do now. Bugger! I should be grateful that the plot was uncovered prior to the bomb going off, sounds very full on if the 5 terrorists (suspects in Australian law) were killed by police.

  • Melanie_2474

    Re “light hearted banter”, there’s flirty banter or general chit-chat and then there’s what this man allegedly said.  How anyone can consider inviting a colleague on a “dirty weekend” (unless that colleague is also already your partner/spouse/romp buddy) as light hearted anything is beyond me!

  • Angela

    I agree with Melanie_2474. There’s a big difference between flirty banter and what was said to this lady. Also, everyone’s different. What one person finds inoffensive might be very upsetting to someone else and that person deserves to feel respected in their workplace and not be harassed. As for reciprocal flirting, well, years and years ago while working in a casual retail job, I definitely flirted with one particular male co-worker… We’ve now been married for nearly three years! :) Oh, and our boss at the time (who has become a dear friend) was very supportive of the whole situation and had actually wanted to set us up before we’d even met! 

  • Beth

    I back packed through Indonesia in the 80′s and have always wanted to take my daughters back to Bali. Not for Kuta and Seminyak but for all that lies beyond in rice paddied villages and small communities. I fell in love with everything about the island. Every time we book a holiday back, there has been a problem. The first time we cancelled our trip after the bombings. This has happened 4 times so far. We booked flights back last week and when we saw the latest reports, we decided to go anyway. Life is an adventure or it is nothing.