News on Toast: McDonald’s gets grilled by social media

A McDonald’s funded doco gets a grilling on Facebook, a crazy new product puts Twitter in the toilet and you’ll never guess  who’s playing Liz Taylor and Steve Jobs: The morning’s hot topics in bite-sized pieces just right for dunking.


Aussie Facebook and Twitter users have a beef with Maccers

One Big Mac and chips provides 60 per cent of your daily sodium requirements. Ouch. Pic: AFP.

The much talked-about McDonald’s “documentary”, McDonald’s Gets Grilled, aired on Channel 7 last night amid a ton of controversy – the main issue being that, as it was actually funded by the fast food giant, it should perhaps have been described as an “advertisement” rather than a documentary.

The show took six Australians “behind the scenes” of the hamburger chain to purportedly “expose some of the myths” about its food. Or, as the Channel 7 website puts it: ”[It's an experiment] that tests whether people, [when] faced with overwhelming evidence challenging their long-held prejudices, can ever accept the TRUTH.”

What’s that over there? Is that… an agenda? Never!

Yet despite the title, it seems the real grilling happened after the show on Facebook, where McDonald’s CEO Catriona Noble took half an hour to answer viewers’ questions. Well, that was the plan, anyway. The company’s page got slammed with more than 2100 questions ranging from “I work at Maccers and can I have a pay rise?” to “can I have a free Big Mac please?” and “Why don’t you bring back the pineapple shake?”. Hard-hitting stuff. Well done, Australia.

Not that McDonald’s seemed to mind – Ms Noble avoided the few curly questions about animal cruelty and supply chains by sticking to addressing compliments about menu prices (“the Double Cheeseburger and Loose Change menu are designed to be brilliant value for money, at almost unbelievable prices!”) and old urban myths about pig fat in the milkshakes.

The show also got a hammering on Twitter with the hashtag “#mcgrilled” trending for hours after it aired, and spoof Maccers accounts springing up.

The show’s producer has today defended the show, even as it is still being widely criticised for giving misleading information. Hungry, anyone?

>> Did you watch the show? What did you think? Do you eat McDonald’s?


New loo paper makes Twitter number one (er, and number two as well, actually)

Sh**ter: It's Twitter for your toilet.

Sh**ter: It's Twitter for your toilet. Pic:

I sat here for 10 minutes trying to decide on the best pun to start this story about a company that is printing Twitter feeds onto toilet paper, and I couldn’t. So here they all are, you can pick your own:

  • Check out the new social wee-dia
  • Putting Twitter in the sh***ter
  • 140 characters gets extra ones and twos
  • Putting the “bog” in “blog”
  • Putting the “wee” in “Tweet”

No, this isn’t a late April Fool’s gag. For US $35 you can actually buy a four-pack of real 2-ply “Sh**ter” loo roll printed with the Twitter feed of your choice. Isn’t the modern world just MARVELLOUS?

>> ‘Fess up: Whose Tweets would you most like to wipe your nether regions on? I think I’d opt for Kim Kardashian.


Lindsay takes on Liz while Ashton prepares for a new Jobs

Lindsay Lohan.

Sure, Lindsay Lohan looks exactly like Elizabeth Taylor. Whatever, Hollywood.

When you think of Elizabeth Taylor you think of style, grace, elegance, timeless beauty. So who better to play her than an actress who embodies almost none of those qualities: Lindsay Lohan?

Apparently Linds will play the screen goddess in a new film about her life, with the 25-year-old announcing today she is “swearing off dating” in order to prepare for the role. Sorry, swearing OFF men? Does she know she’s playing Elizabeth Taylor?

In other “actors landing roles you would never have guessed in a million years” news: That 70s Show and Punk’d star Ashton Kutcher will play former Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic. (Still, check out these side-by-side photos of Kutcher and Jobs in the 70s – an uncanny resemblance, eh?)

>> What do you think of these crazy casting choices? Who would you get to play Liz and Steve?


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  • Dr Ruth

    Well, I would never have believed that chunky macho Philip Seymour Hoffman could play tiny camp Truman Capote – and he was brilliant. So perhaps I’ll give LL the benefit of the doubt.