News on Toast: Have a REALLY Good Friday

It’s Good Friday, woo hoo! In today’s last ever News on Toast we get our Easter on with the world’s biggest hot cross bun, the best long weekend time wasters and some alarming news about chocolate.


Raisin’ the bar: Bakers create gigantic Easter bun

It’s simply BUN-BELIEVABLE – a team of bakers in Manchester, England, have officially created the world’s biggest hot cross bun.  Measuring 2.4 metres across and weighing a whopping 169kg, the gigantic Easter treat (pictured left and above) is the equivalent of 2300 regular-sized hot cross buns.  It took 10 people to lift the mega-ginormous-super-snack into a custom made oven at Greenhalghs bakery in Bolton.  Now the search is on to find a cup of tea big enough to dunk it in.

>> Do you like hot cross buns? Traditional or with chocolate bits?


Time’s a wastin’…

Where are you spending your Easter? At home? At the beach? On the couch? In bed? Wherever you are, I hope you’re relaxing and letting your brain gently fizz away into that gurgly, burbly state that only a long weekend can bring.

If not, I’ve got the solution: Try these five sure-fire time wasters.

    1. Best of DrawSomething
      If you’re one of the millions addicted to the smartphone game you’ll appreciate this constantly updating “best of” gallery of other players’ artistic efforts like Super Mario, left.
    2. Where’s the Pixel?
      Find the tiny black dot, click on it. This game will drive you mad. It will also show you how dirty your computer screen is.
    3. Cheap Games
      Kids bored with Monopoly and Scattergories? No need to run to the shop for a new game – download one of these free print-and-play board games and keep everyone entertained for hours.
    4. Famous Objects from Classic Movies
      Groovy little Wheel of Fortune style game where you guess a film title based on a famous object from the film. The “mankini” for instance…?
    5. Akinator
      Think of anything, ANYTHING, and Akinator the web wonder genie will guess it. I’m not kidding. Try it. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

>> Know of any other fun time wasting websites? Leave them in the comments!


 You’re not allergic to chocolate, you’re allergic to… er… legs

At the risk of ruining your entire Easter: New research has found that people allergic to chocolate may not be affected by the treat itself, but by the ground up cockroach parts apparently found in every commercial sample.

According to America’s ABC news, the average chocolate bar contains about eight insect parts, usually cockroach. Because this is apparently an inevitable consequence of large scale chocolate manufacture (the cockroaches infiltrate the cocoa beans at the farm, not in the factory), the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) allows up to 60 insect pieces per 100 grams before they deem a product unsanitary. (Oh, and also one rat hair.) (No, I’m serious.)

Now researchers say these trace amounts of insect parts are what’s causing people’s supposed chocolate allergies, with side effects including migraines, cramps, itching and hives.

Unfortunately eliminating the roaches altogether would mean increased use of pesticides, which scientists say would be far more harmful to our health than a few cocky legs here and there.

So I guess… try to forget everything you’ve just read when you dive into those eggs on Sunday. Sorry.

>> What’s your favourite Easter treat? I’m guessing it’s no longer eggs.


Well there you have it – the last News on Toast ever! It’s been fun, JustB-ers, but I’m moving on. I do hope you enjoyed my morning news bits over the last month or so. Now get out there and have a REALLY Good Friday. 

xox Petra

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