News on Toast: Anzac biscuit shortage not so sweet

Australia’s cookie jar almost out of Anzacs,  Molly comes home, and an internet geek’s marriage proposal goes viral: The morning’s hot topics in bite-sized pieces, just right for dunking.


Tough bikkies for RSL as Anzac manufacturer crumbles

Anzac biscuits

Isobel Baddeley munches on an Anzac biscuit yesterday. Picture: Norm Oorloff

OK everyone, I’ve got some bad news. Try not to panic.


Apparently the nation’s supply of the delicious syrupy, oaty discs is running low because the company that makes them has been placed into administration.

Production at Unibic’s Melbourne factory was shut down yesterday, leaving 170 workers in limbo, with administrators blaming supermarket price wars for their debts.

Another terrible outcome of all this: The four per cent from sales of the bikkies that normally goes to the RSL will be stopped in the lead up to April 25, presumably diverted to Unibic’s creditors.

No Anzac bikkies on Anzac Day? That’s more unAustralian than chucking a shrimp on the barbie while throwing back a Fosters and eating a Marmite sandwich! Blimey!

As I see it, you have two options. One: Get to your nearest supermarket and buy every packet you can find. Two: Make your own using this mind-blowingly good recipe from, which is dead easy and always tastes better than store-bought bikkies anyway.

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Welcome back, Molly

Molly Meldrum

Molly Meldrum and his dog Ziggy. Picture: Channel 7 supplied.

Music guru, TV star and all-round legend Molly Meldrum is back in his Melbourne home, seven weeks after the fall that almost killed him. has today published photos of the seemingly frail music veteran being helped into his home, his trademark Akubra replaced by a baseball cap.

The 66-year-old is still recovering from the accident which left him with a fractured skull, broken collarbone, shattered shoulder blade, fractured vertebrae, broken ribs and swelling of the brain.

Earlier in the week he released a statement saying he still has “a fair bit of rehab ahead”, but that he was looking forward to reuniting with his dog, Ziggy, and reintroducing his laptop and mobile phone to his daily routine.

Before Molly took that tumble on December 15 I have to confess I didn’t think about him much – he was just there, another one of those mainstays of Australian television that seemed like they’d always be around. I don’t think I was the only one who was shocked to discover he’s not some invincible star – he’s just a man, like any other, who can be taken away by a simple accident.

Get well soon, Molly.

>> Who are your favourite legends of Australian TV?


Web geek’s LOLproposal wins girl (and thousands of fans)

Len Kendall's meme proposal

This is how geeks propose on the internet. Picture: Buzzfeed.

I’ve heard of a lot of weird marriage proposals, but none that involved the Terminator, Ryan Gosling or dancing cats – until today.

Self-confessed internet nerd Len Kendall wins the inaugural JustB Romantic Geek of the Week Award after proposing to his girlfriend via his very own internet meme.

Mr Kendall, from Chicago, posted a photo of himself holding a ring with the caption “I can haz your hand in marriage?” to popular viral website Buzzfeed and asked other users to create their own versions with the Twitter hashtag #SayYesKatie.

He received more than 400 submissions in response. Katie’s answer? Yes, of course! Now THAT will warm the cockles of your hard drive.

>> Have a look at the best submissions in the gallery below and then tell us: What’s the most unusual marriage proposal you’ve ever heard?

An internet proposal
An internet proposal
An oldie but a goodie. Picture: Buzzfeed.


And that’s your News on Toast for this morning, and for the week! After all that talk of Anzac biscuits I think I might head off and make some this weekend – who’s with me? Join me again on Monday for more hot topics and discussion.

Main pic: Simply Great Meals

  • Naomi Forth

    funny proposals eh? … my proposal was kinda nerdy too…. my fiance changed his relationship status on facebook, from ” in a relationship ” to ” engaged” and waited for facebook to ask me to approve and confirm this…. we have a computer each, and they are back to back so he kept spying over his to see if i had seen it… i was watching something and he goes ” you on facebook” … lols so i checked facebook, and i confirmed it… then i said ” you better mean it”… lols engagement party is one week from today… he did ask properly later but i thought it was a bit cute… him peeking over the computer every 5 seconds to see if i had seen it… lols

    • Petra @ JustB

      Naomi, that is SO modern!

  • Kitzkatz

    My daughters beautiful young man came for a cuppa on the pretence of talking about the back deck he had designed for us. Several minutes into the conversation he said very conspiritorially ” ummm would it be okay if I married ************
    I of course burst into tears and both my husband and I said yes it would be wonderful.

    • Petra @ JustB

      …but did you get the deck??? ;)

  • Bianca @ JustB

    Very cool gallery. Love it. I also LOVE Anzac biscuits and would eat them every day if I could. Not kidding x

    • Petra @ JustB

      They are DEADLY though – so much butter and sugar… urghhh yum.