Monday : Newsy Snacks For Busy People

Mr Slipper & Mr Thomson : ‘The troibe has spoken’, says Ms Gillard (in my imagination), as she sends both blokes off to Redemption Island indefinitely following various allegations of misconduct.  Mr Abbott wonders if there’s more to be revealed. We wonder whether they will paddle their way back in, who has the immunity idol and if they are good fishermen. Hm. More at

Nutella : Oh my GOSH! I’ve just found out that Nutella is NOT HEALTHY! Jeepers! A Californian mum who sued Nutella, disputing their ‘health’ claims has settled out of court, with several other claimants,  for a reported $3 million dollars.  Anyone who bought a jar of Nutella over a specified 6 year period (in the US) can claim $4 for every jar they bought, due to Nutella not being as healthy as the brand claimed. More here. *Shakes head… ‘Not healthy?! Yowzers!*

Downloading : The federal government is launching an inquiry delving into the price of downloading software, music and other digital content for Australians.  We pay twice what our US counterparts do for music and software, and the inquiry aims to find out why. I would like to know why too, so I’ll be paying close attention. Maybe if Australians were able to pay the sort of prices US users do, then lots of people wouldn’t be illegally downloading content which doesn’t belong to them. More here.

Pin Of The Day : Spicy Sriracha Lime Popcorn : Click for more info

Some buildings have tentacles! via WTF
Pottymouthmama talks Botox Have you had it? Would you? More here.
Ted Hughes struggled to recover after Sylvia Plath’s suicide. Not at all surprising, but very sad.
Some lovely photos to brighten your day.
Sophie’s over on HomeLife, hooray!
I love this picnic featured on the IKEA blog.
A wonderful mix tape over here.
Lavender Lemonade at Joy The Baker.
Holly (from Decor8) is to release another book!
Watch this….

And here’s our Secret Track Of The Day :

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