Friday: Newsy Snacks For Busy People

Confetti Tray by Oelwein : Atelier Parisien on Etsy : Click for details

How great is this?! A replica of the Friend’s cafe Central Perk exists in Beijing. Same couch, same view, same snacks… even an annotated menu featuring meaningful Friend’s moments.
A Galaxy poll places John Howard at the top of the ‘Best Australian Leader’ list, gaining 35% of the vote (compared to 5% for Julia Gillard). See more results an
High temperatures and strong winds are increasing the bushfire risk and fanning existing fires in Victoria.
A Katter’s Australia Party (KAP) candidate has stepped down after comparing gay people to paedophiles. ”Paedophiles will be next in line to be recognised in the same way as gays and lesbians and get rights,” said Tess Corbett. More here. Crazy. Bob Katter stormed out of an interview when pressed about his own views on homosexuality.
Australian astronomer, ANU’s Ken Freeman has been awarded the American Astronomical Society’s top prize, the Henry Norris Russell Lectureship. He’s an expert in dark matter. More at the ABC.
A US ban on females in front-line combat has been lifted, opening up 100s of 1000s of additional (very dangerous) jobs for women. At The New York Times.
Bindi Irwin has challenged Hillary Clinton after the US Secretary Of State’s E-journal staffers drastically edited a piece commissioned from Ms Irwin, removing many important points. More, and Bindi’s full essay here.
Australian internet speeds rank a crappy 40th, WELL down the list beneath South Korea, Latvia, Finland and Denmark, to name a few. More here. I would like speedy internet, please.
Charlotte Dawson has revealed she’s the NRL’s new anti-bullying ambassador, and is to deliver her message personally to 120 000 plus school children next month. At
Petra Stark talks internet addiction at The Punch. It’s more serious than you might think.
Apparently the movie about vintage p*rn star Linda Lovelace is boring. So says The Atlantic.
Publishing identity and magazine pioneer, Nene King has told a Melbourne court she’s been defrauded of around $500 000 by an acquaintance.  Find out more.
Your fella’s ankles need to be exposed. Here’s why.
Vintage gaming super brand Atari is bankrupt, says The Australian.
Children are not our friends, says Michelle Blake. Except for sometimes. But usually not.
Why night caps are a really bad idea : via The Atlantic.
Authorities in Iran are ordering cafes to install surveillance cameras writes The Guardian.


Ouch Flower and her lovely tassels : Click for more!

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Evie at Handmade Romance has made some cute new stuff.
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Sesame and Orange Marinated Kale Salad via Love and Lemons : Click for recipe

Trashy, fluffy bits:
Lena Dunham did a great interview with Alec Baldwin. She talked sex, Rihanna, growing up, ‘Girls’, her first feature film and more. Listen here.
The K-Jenners on the cover of Girlfriend magazine.
Aretha and J-Lo defend Beyonce and her inaugural lip syncing.
The voice of Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins, has been arrested on charges that include stalking.