Friday: Newsy Snacks For Busy People

Taxes & Strip Clubs: Hah. This makes me laugh a tiny bit. In a case of NOT losing your shirt, a Gold Coast gentleman’s club with a hefty tax debt has been stripped of its adult entertainment license, meaning that the ladies employed there are not allowed to take their clothes off. The club is still operating and gentleman are not happy that they are being drawn in for a bit of nude lady looking only to be disappointed.  Players Showgirls is still operating, trying to trade through their troubles, presumably. They have a tax debt of nearly $1m. Golly. More here.  (Related:  this piece says that many Australians are watching five hours of porn each day. What?!)

Jill Meagher: The late Ms Meagher’s family has appealed to the public to stay away from her funeral today.  Fawkner  Memorial Park will be closed to the public today in an effort to allow family and friends much-needed privacy and space to grieve.  Thank goodness.  I feel like they have had to endure our scrutiny for MUCH too long already.  More here.

Pippi Bean: Alexandra ‘Pippi’ Bean has spoken of her disappointment in the Australian government, after Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr stated that she ‘doesn’t require further consular assistance’.  Around the time he made the comment, Ms Bean was detained in a room in a Libyan airport by seven men. They had seized her passport and were attempting to get her to sign a document which was written in Arabic (and which she could not understand.)  Earlier  she was questioned  by Libyan investigators and threatened with arrest.  She was also  pushed to admit to a fictional rape or sexual encounter with a senior government member. Pippi said her employer in Libya, the IOM didn’t help her either. Hm. Read the full story here

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My Creative Space #mycreativespace does RUGS, DIY style!

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    What a gorgeous video!

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    Hmmm makes me wonder whether the overuse of The “P” word has the internetty statistics going bonkers…. Food”P”, Shoe”P”, Interior “P” etc 5 Hours a week! Well I ain’t one of them.

  • Reannon Hope

    Thanks for all the newsy snacks this week Pip. I don’t always comment but wanted you to know I enjoy reading them everyday xx