Five Good Things & Newsy Bits: Wednesday

Here’s some fives to start your day with! Newsy and not:

Five Good Things:
1. Make a paper heart garland with Sweet Paul.
2. Or try some Spring Roll Bites!
3. How clever! Embroidered wooden things!
4. The cutest snail you’ve ever seen. Via Bloesem.
5.  Peach Frangipane Tart sounds like a great idea. I wish peaches were about.

Five Newsy Bits:
1. Deputy PM Anthony Albanese says Labor will make same-sex marriage happen.
2. Josh Thomas has been criticised for tweeting a sexual remark about Tony Abbott’s mother.
3. Speaking of Twitter, Russell Crowe’s account was hacked overnight, apparently.
4. The Mandela family are in court, trying to decide where he will be buried. How crap.
5.  Holed up at Moscow airport, Edward Snowden is running out of options in his quest for political asylum.


Which of the fives is your favourite?!

x Pip