Five Good Things & Newsy Bits: Tuesday

Here’s five newsy bits and five good things to get your day off to a well-informed, inspired start!

5 Newsy Bits:
1. An Australian wins Stage 3 of the Tour de France.
2. Elle MacPherson’s posed nude for Harper’s Bazaar.
3. 19 firefighters have been killed in a wildfire in Arizona.
4. The first of four mandatory alcohol rehabilitation centres is to open in the NT on Monday.
5. South Africa are planning for Nelson Mandela’s birthday celebrations later this month.

5 Good Things:
1. How about some cookies?! Green Kitchen Stories are baking Thin Oat and Ginger Crisps. They sound delicious!
2. You could crumble those over this Peach and Pistachio Coconut Milk Ice-Cream?
3.  Make a decorated swing at DesignLoveFest.
4.  How to make Farro Salad at Oh Joy!
5.  Kinfolk magazine heads to Japan this issue.

How are you? Are things good in your life of late? I would LOVE to know.

x Pip

  • Reannon Hope

    The program the NT are going to run seems like a good idea but it sounds like much more help is needed too. There is no quick fix for such problems unfortunately & people need to want to help themselves, forcing it on them doesn’t always work. It’s hard & sad…
    My life is good Pip, it almost always is! School holidays start next week & I cannot wait to stop the routine, sleep in ( a little bit), stay in pjs plus we are heading off on a little getaway. All good stuff!
    What about you? Life good ?

    • Pip Lincolne

      Yes… alcohol is SUCH a huge problem. There are no easy answers, but we must continue to try and address the issue… try different approaches. It IS hard and sad.

      Life sounds nice at your place, Reannon. My life is always good, really… I try and count my blessings, as they say!

      Thanks for saying hello!!!! xx

  • Sarah silvester

    Hi pip! I love your posts. They brighten up my day.
    Beautiful pictures too.
    In my neck of the woods it’s cold and we have sniffles. I’m watching my 7 month old try to work out how to not crawl backwards while she picks up bits of manky stuff off the rug and puts them in her mouth…
    Good times!
    What I want to do is watch Sophie Dahl cooking videos on YouTube and eat cookies, the ones you’ve posted look good!
    And I’m obsessing about where to get another issue of flow magazine from – I remember you had the first, did you manage to find the next one over there in oz? I haven’t had it back to my local where it was last time!
    Have a great day! :)

    • Pip Lincolne

      MagNation always has FLOW magazine! Give them a ring, Sarah. Carpetty fluff sounds like just the treat I don’t want to eat! Hope today is ace and thanks for being SO NICE about my work. x

  • hugoandelsa

    Things ARE good in my life Pip, thanks for asking! We are having heavy rains so keeping dry and toasty by the fire. I must make those Thin oat and ginger crisps right now! Thanks for finding something delicious for me to bake! x

    • Pip Lincolne

      Ooh did you MAKE them? Are they yum?! Stay toasty!! x