Five Good Things & Newsy Bits: Thursday

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Thursday already?! You’re kidding me?! Also, whose idea was it to put The Ashes on the same night as Offspring? Jeepers. Talk about starting a war… Luckily we’re all about starting something good here on JustB. So here’s today’s Five Good Things and Five Newsy Bits to launch your day:

Five Good Things:

1. Have you ever had roasted spicy peppers? They look pretty amazing.
2. If you love tacos you will superlove these portobello mushroom ones. Good idea!
3. The gorgeous ceramics of Kinska. I like objects with faces so you can count me in.
4.  Jan at Poppytalk is profiling the new West Elm collection. So much lovely stuff to gaze at.
5.  Fresh apricot bars. They’re  a thing. A good thing and they’re over at White on Rice Couple.

Five Newsy Bits:

1.  Apple has been found guilty of price fixing. They conspired to break Amazon’s ebook monopoly.
2.  PM Kevin Rudd pats a woman with a disability on the head. Sheesh. How ignorant.
3. Viewers of Channel 7′s Sunrise are switching off, following the departure of Mel Doyle as co-host.
4.  Scotland Yard has requested that Australian police consider charging the ‘Royal Prank’ DJs.
5.  A man has driven a car through the gates of the US embassy in Canberra.

Do you have a favourite Good Thing today?! Do tell!

x Pip

  • GourmetGirlfriend

    oh those ceramics are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    • hugoandelsa

      I’m just glad to see a photo of some cabbage!