Five Good Things & Newsy Bits: Friday



How about five good things and newsy bits for Friday?! Seems like a really good way to see the weekend in, right?!

Five Good Things:
1. Joy the Baker always shares good stuff. Today it’s a Lasagna Grilled Cheese Sandwich! omg.
2.  Susannah Conway shares her iPhone photography tips. Super useful.
3.  Bright Bazaar has some really fantastic blogging tips, all bundled up in a rad infographic.
4.  Toasted Couscous Salad with Zucchini and Grapes? It’s a THING!
5.  I love this gorgeous map of France, as posted by Mokkasin. Oui!

Five Newsy Bits:
1. These controversial billboards have been cleared by the advertising standards watchdog. Good!
2.  The Hubble Space Telescope reveals new details about a boiling hot, but BLUE planet, including 7000km/hour winds. Yikes.
3.  A service for murdered soldier Lee Rigby was held today.
4. Kmart have promised to reveal the details of all of their factories. Finally we’ll find out more about the ethics of those $3 t-shirts.
5.  A great piece on London fashion in the eighties. So good!

Wishing you a great weekend, peeps! What are you up to?!

x Pip


  • hugoandelsa

    How good is that Guardian article on London fashion!? Oh that takes me back…so inspiring. I love it!