Five Good Things & Newsy Bits: Friday

Yessss! Friday is here! Here’s some news and good things to see you through your day!

5 Newsy Bits:
1. A bit more about Mel Doyle’s supposed promotion.
2.  Kevin Rudd has apologised for the deaths of four people, killed while working on the government’s home insulation program.
3.  The British government are to launch a fresh investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
4. The ACCC are meeting with lithium battery manufacturers after the death of a four year old girl earlier this week.
5.  A man who bought a box of old glass negatives for $45 has found out they are worth around $200 million! OMG!

5 Good Things:
1. How to stick to your good habits when you are travelling.
2. Why not make some whipped feta this weekend?
3.  Lovely savoury pancakes over at Finger, Fork & Knife.
4.  And an amazing tart at Drizzle and Dip. Gosh yum.
5.  I made this yummy soup.

Have the very best kind of weekend, won’t you? Which thing or bit are you most interested in?

x Pip