Creative: Eleven Great Books Written By Bloggers

Hello! How was your Christmassyness?! Did you have nice times? Are you rendered couch-bound due to too much food/drink/Great Aunty Mavis? Or are you chock full of spring in your step and ready to face a new year head on?

I’m pretty good. I did eat too much, but I’m going to work out and go for a big walk later too, in the hopes that I can zip my pants up again by week’s end. Today is my favourite day of the year, because the pressure is off, there’s still nearly a week until the next big celebratory day, and I have permission to do as I please.

Apart from the exercising and the pants-non-zipping, I’m going to watch telly and do some reading.  I thought you might want to do that too? And I thought I might suggest some books to browse, in a helpful way. These are not just any old books. They are blog to book success stories (that’s official marketing-speak!) Yowzers!

If you are an internetty type, you have probably clicked through to the blogs of these now bookish authors (see bottom of this post for links to each blog). I think it’s really great that publishers are scouting online for writers/bloggers with big readerships, great content and great work ethics. I love it when old school publishing and online publishing collide like this.  The results are often super great.

Did you know that I’m a bit of a blog to book success story myself….?! Click through and see my book and heaps more smarty-pants people like me. Here’s a gallery of bloggers’ books about all kinds of interesting things.  Go to it! Click!

The Blogs:
1. 101 Cookbooks
2. What Katie Ate
3. David Lebovitz
4. Decor8
5. Life and Other Crises
6. Whole Larder Love
7. The Selby
8. Meet Me At Mike’s
9. Smitten Kitchen
10. La Tartine Gourmande
11. Oh Joy! 

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for these Pip! I’ve heard of some, but it’s great to also get some new inspiration :)
    My fave blog to book at the moment is the ‘Joy the Baker’ cookbook… Great for sweet treats…!