Food: Ten Delicious Crumbles To Bake

Nothing says winter like a crumble! There’s really nothing better than piping hot sweet fruit with a toasty crunch and a cooling ice-cream chaser.

I made my first apple crumble at school. Home Economics in Year 8 back in the day was a pretty exciting affair. The recipe came courtesy of Cookery The Australian Way. Making the crumble topping was a brand new skill. We rubbed in the butter (working quickly so as not to introduce too much heat from your fingers girls). The whole experience was enormously satisfying and cemented the crumble in pride of place at the tip top of the dessert list.

Since my Year 8 Home Ec days I do break out a crumble fairly regularly during the cooler months. Now there’s no rubbing involved. Crikey Mrs Green why didn’t you introduce me to a food processor sooner? My topping includes oats and loads of macadamia nuts – it’s delish. Maybe you might like to make crumble to warm your heart this weekend.

If you include oats in your crumble you can absolutely eat it for breakfast don’t you think? What’s your favourite crumble? With cream or ice-cream?

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