Is coconut water just a passing fad?

I am a marketer’s dream. If someone sticks a big NEW sticker on a product, I’m likely to pick it up. Limited edition has the same shopping-under-hypnosis effect. Add in purported health benefits (hello, dark chocolate and red wine antioxidant boost) and I’m sold. Big time.

Which is partially to blame for the addition of coconut water to my weekly grocery list.

My curiousity about this drink initially had me dreaming of tropical sunsets and exotic drinks containing tiny paper umbrellas. Umm. Turns out coconut water is NOT the new secret ingredient to a pina colada. Don’t you just hate it when dreams are crushed like that?

Apparently it’s favoured by the celebrity health set. THE drink for celebs to be snapped carrying while leaving their yoga class.

Mmmm, I thought, do I see a fad in the making? Or in years to come will we all be unable to start our day without a coconut water fix?

What is coconut water?

1. It’s the liquid from a green coconut.

2. It’s naturally sterile.

3. It contains more potassium than a banana, hence why it’s a winner after a big night or long flight.

4. It’s more hydrating than regular sports drinks and contains no added sugar.

5. It can help speed up your metabolism.

6. It can help fight stress.

7. It can help clear your complexion.

Which celebs swear by it?

1. Miranda Kerr on Cocobella coconut water:  “I personally drink about 250ml of cocobella daily, sometimes more if I’ve done lots of exercise, esp Bikram yoga!”

2. Madonna, Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore like it so much they all invested in Vita Coco.

3. Aussie actor Melissa George on her choice of Chi Coconut Water: “ “I love it, love it, love it. I lead a hectic lifestyle and Chi is perfect as the natural boost I need. Plus it’s tasty, fat free and low calorie. What more could you ask for?”

What’s it taste like?

I’ve tried two brands – C Coconut Water and Kokomo Coconut Water*.

C is 100% organic ($33 for a carton of 12 x 330ml tetra packs). You can buy online and at selected stockists.

C Coconut Water:

C Coconut Water:

Kokomo is a 100% natural, fair trade certified product and available at Coles supermarkets for between $2.50 and $2.80 for a 330ml tetra pack.

Kokomo Coconut Water:

Kokomo Coconut Water:

Both come in the “give it to me straight” coconut water variety and Kokomo also offers a mango flavour.

Can I suggest if your tastebuds are fickle at the best of times that you start out with the mango flavour?  A bit like the first time as a kid that you might have tried a prawn, fetta cheese, avocado or an olive (or was that just me growing up in regional Australia in the ’70s and ’80s!?), coconut water is an acquired taste. I’m used to it now and enjoy it for what it is.

You can definitely taste the coconut but not in that pina colada way I mentioned earlier. It’s a smooth liquid and I’ve found you do get a bit of an instant buzz from it. I’ve also found it does give you that immediate hydration you sometimes crave but can’t quite seem to get from water alone. Please refer again to that pina colada consumption …

So, have you tried coconut water? Are you a card-carrying supporter? Or still happy with your skinny cap?

Nikki Parkinson is a fashion and beauty blogger at award-winning Styling You. When she’s not writing, hanging out on Twitter or Facebook, she’s helping women spend their money on clothes that make them feel fabulous.

  • natarthy

    I am going to test it out this week – ordered already in my online coles order. Sounds great!

  • Nikki Parkinson

    Hope you like – it is an acquired taste but I’m a little bit addicted now ;)

  • jodielunn

    I’m a huge fan of coconut water, was put onto it by a client of mine Juice Revolution, it forms part of their cleansing program. Anywho I drink it regularly now and it does indeed help with a hangover!

  • Nikki Parkinson

    Hi Jodie … that’s good to know, isn’t it … note to self. Always have a supply in the fridge!

  • Anna Hill

    Coconut water definitely has health benefits, I used to drink it often as a kid growing up in Far North Queensland. However the pre-packaged drinks are missing the most vital element that gives the health benefits, the fifteen minute climb up the coconut tree and axe wielding needed to gather it straight from the source.

    Ah the good ole days.

  • Nikki Parkinson

    Now that is a workout that someone is going to catch on to soon … for sure!

  • Quigley

    Oh, I LOVE coconut water – didn’t know it was hip… perhaps I’m ahead of my time ?
    I think it’s so yummy, but I reckon it’s definitely not for everyone – I also love chili chocolate – maybe all coconut waterers love chili chocolate?

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for the mention!

    Jonathan Newman
    Chi Coconut Water

    • Nikki Parkinson

      No problems, Jonathan!

    • Gwen

      The ‘buy it now’ link takes me to UK Amazon. Can I order it in AUS?

  • Richard

    We have seen a lot of coconut waters released in Australia in the last year, we have compiled a list of reviews at if anyone’s interested?

  • jojo

    None taste like the real thing, but with mango flavor it aint too bad

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