Smartphone Ways To Document Your Trip (or Life!)

Are you a bit of an App addict? I totally am.  Almost daily I am scouting for new apps to download to my phone and play around on. I think I have a five App a week habit.  Do you think that’s a lot?  I think it might be…

Luckily you can turn my ‘issue’ into a shortcut benefit, because I’ve done all the research, reading, testing and clicking about.  YOU can just scroll through and head to the App store to download these useful photo helpers.  No googling about for reviews and the like.  I’m saving you the trouble and cutting to the chase.

Here’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to photo apps for your phone.  There are, of course, lots more, but these are the ones I like to use (or am trying to find the time to use!)  These are super perfect for recording a day trip, road trip… or just those important little moments in your life.

Lots of them have the option to share direct to email, so you can update your friend and family while you are on the road. RAD!

Perhaps you use some photo Apps that I’ve left off the list?  Or perhaps you are BUSTING to try one of these ones?  Do you have any photo App knowledge to share?  Spill the beans!  I’d love you to share your tips!

xx Pip

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  • Reannon Hope Bowen

    Wow Pip! Thats a lot of apps!!!

    I’ve downloaded a few camera apps over time but I have found them a little confusing to use & end up deleting them. I will look at some of the ones you have suggested though because I find I never use my camera any more, I just use my iPhone for taking pics, so anything that helps make my pics better/easier to take I’m in to !

    • Pip @ JustB

      It is a lot of Apps, isn’t it?! I think I went a bit mental in the App department!! xx

  • yTravelBlog

    How do you find the time to use all of these!! I really want to improve my phone photography so these are great.
    Are they all only for iphone or do the uncool Android crowd get to sample these?

    • Pip @ JustB

      I use different ones for different things, I guess! I am sure that SOME are available for both Android and iPhone. I bet the Android store has some great apps too! x