News To You — January 5, 2012

Here’s your justb. cheat sheet to being interesting today:

New year resolutions can only take you so far. Better to simply learn to love who you are, don’t you think? Just ask today’s newsmakers, all of whom seem to be looking for love in all the wrong places.


If there was ever a profession that attracted those looking for love it’s politics. So how do you think former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney felt when the Republican Party of Iowa announced yesterday he only won the Iowa caucuses by 8 votes over former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum? And that’s out of 122,255 ballots cast! Who are those 8 people that love Mitt more than Rick?

But we should spare a thought for Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann who said she would stay in the race despite finishing in sixth place with five per cent. That’s self-love, loud and proud. Except later she said she wouldn’t. Oh well.


Be wary of where you go looking for love. Online dating site made the news today for all the wrong reasons.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reports that Divorcee “John Brown” signed up to online dating website in October 2011 but when he tried to cancel, the matchmaking site continued to deduct payments from his credit card and send messages from his account without his authority. did not respond to calls or emails from The Daily Telegraph but copied the tabloid newspaper in on an email to Mr Brown promising a $99.96 refund. Have you used What’s your experience with online dating sites?


Carla Bruni doesn’t seem to love herself as much as she should (she’s super gorgeous, married to the President of France, can sing, act, model and and is an heiress to a fortune. So why would she do this to herself?

Carla Bruni before botoxCarla Bruni after Botox

The Daily Mail today quotes a leading US dermatologist who claims, “Bruni has had so much Botox she now looks like a chipmunk.”

Los Angeles skin expert Dr Ben Behnam launched the astonishing personal attack after seeing recent photos of the 44-year-old former supermodel, the UK paper reported.

Everyday People

It’s a shame Carla wasn’t in the same cafe as Texan blogger, Laura Mayes, recently because she would have witnessed first hand how love-ly those small gestures we do for others and ourselves truly are.

Laura Mayes Twitter

Laura, who writes Blog con Queso, went ahead and bought both the mum and her daughter a hot chocolate, as well as herself.

I collected my offering and walked over to the tiny table. I told the mom that ‘seeing such a beautiful mother and daughter out this morning made my day. Because it’s so great to see them together out during the holiday season. And what a wonderful thing to get to start the day with such a beautiful little girl. I came in for coffee, but I decided to treat myself to a hot chocolate and I wanted to buy them one too and say Happy Holidays!

And then the mom took the chocolate. It seemed she didn’t know exactly what to say. But then she started to tear up a tiny bit. And she thanked me.

I don’t think she’d had hot chocolate in a very long time.