Blog School : How To Start A Blog

Do you have a blog? Or maybe you wish you had a blog? Perhaps you want to brush up on your blogging skills? Well this is the series for YOU!

My name is Pip and I have been blogging since 2006. That is quite a while, right?  My blog fits the ‘lifestyle’ genre. It covers a whole range of subject matter, from food to craft to books to family life.  I write about my life and about the things I love.

Of course, there are all kinds of blogs out there, mine is just one example.  Some bloggers only write about their lives and personal experiences. Some focus on profiling the great things others do.  Some are food, style, travel or news related.  And some are photographic and not super wordy.  Your blog could be any of these things, or something else altogether.  It’s really up to you.

Perhaps you want to start a blog just for your family and friends to read?  You can totally do that and keep it private from the rest of the world.  It could be like an online scrapbook, collating your life in a hi-tech way to share with your nearest and dearest. Perhaps you want to have a public blog and write creatively? Or showcase your Instagram snaps? Or record the recipes you cook?  All those things are great ideas too.  If you think of your blog-to-be (or existing blog) as an online book-of-you, you can imagine the kinds of things that you might publish there. The sorts of things which are meaningful to you.  That’s what I do.

Because I’ve been blogging for quite a while, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve.  I thought I’d shake those tricks out and share them with you.  I’m going to meet you here each Thursday for fresh blogging lessons and chatter about blogging, writing, photography and creativity.  Even if you don’t write a blog, or don’t want to, you might find that you pick up some good stuff you can apply creatively to your life.  That’s my aim. I aim to please!

I’ll be focusing on practical skills.  I’m going to show you how to set up a blog, how to create simple graphics like image collages and headers, great apps for keeping your online diary, online resources you’ll find handy and a whole lot more.  We can talk about what kind of blog you might want to write, how to make it look great and how to write well.  I’ll also be featuring profiles of bloggers you love, talking about how they blog and sharing their practical tips.

Would you like to be part of Blog School? Would you like to learn how to keep an online diary? Or would you like to polish up your existing blog? What are you keen to learn more about?  Which blogs do you love and read?

I’ll read through all your feedback and hellos and we can meet back here next Thursday for Lesson One!

x Pip


  • Katherine

    Yes please! Sounds great.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Thanks for being part of Blog School!

  • Tess Carrad

    this sounds fabulous, Pip.
    I’d like to polish up my blog, be consistent and more sure of what I do.
    Techy stuff would be good too, and to have all the info in one place.
    I’m excited!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I am excited too! I love teaching this kind of stuff! x

  • Kylie

    Eeeek! Lil excited! I have a blog but it’s a lil dull!!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Glad to have you on board, lady!!! x

  • Kristin Wall

    I’d love to learn more about this medium, so much to promote which I can’t do on my facebook page!! Sign me up! (referred to this great page via The Imperfect Mum!)… my blog (at present) is and the facebook page is
    All advice welcomed and muchly appreciated xxx

    • Pip @ JustB

      Welcome to our gang!!! x

      • Babette

        Hi Pip! I love your blog, you’re such an inspiring person. I would definitely like to learn more about blogging. I’m stuck about starting my blog and look forward to begin the process.

  • Steph

    Sounds great and will push this through to someone I know starting up a blog v soon.

    And I Love reading Sharking for Chips & Drinks

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh thank you for sharing! And for your blog tip too!

  • ann stuck

    Me please!! Can someone please remind me next week!! I love your blog Pip!!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Hah! I put it in your calendar and remember to bring a cup of tea! :)

  • Stacie

    Thanks Pip, I started a blog a few years ago, but never did anything with it. I love reading other people’s blogs. I’m a Jeweller & mummy – mostly mummy these days. I also like many crafts, furniture restoration/transformation I would like to blog about all the things I love x

    • Pip @ JustB

      Pleased to meet you!! Hi Stace! x

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  • Melanie Graham

    Oh this sounds very good. There is so much that I have to learn. My blog is and my facebook page is Thank you! :-)

    • Pip @ JustB

      Pleased to meet you! x

  • Jacq Cue

    love to! I have a blog about my craftyness, photography and busy life..I only read a few blogs, my fav is Small Things. Thanks! Jacq

    • Pip @ JustB

      Welcome aboard! x

  • Sam

    Double yes please!!

    • Pip @ JustB


  • Kelly

    I would like to take part please!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Great!! Nice to meet you, Kelly! x

  • Dharshi

    I’m a blogging newbie, blogging purely to keep an online gratitude journal and something to pass on to my children to read one day (if Google’s petabyte farms don’t crash any day soon that is!). MY BLOG:

    • Pip @ JustB

      That’s such a lovely idea. NICE work! x

  • Jess

    Hi pip, Sounds great- very keen to learn more as started a food blog a few months ago ( but still a total newbie! Looking forward to it

    • Pip @ JustB

      I am excited to be working with you!! xx

  • Abbey Richards

    Wow, great timing, I started my blog on Monday!!
    Will definitely be back for Lesson One xo

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh GREAT! All lessons will sit on the blog and be accessible at any time, too! x

  • Gaby

    sounds great pip! can’t wait to learn some new tips & tricks for my blog x

    • Pip @ JustB

      Yay! I have lots of bright ideas! x

  • Melinda @ Shop Me Chic

    Love this idea for a series! I co-write a blog and always looking to brush up or learn new skills. Can’t wait to read more. x

    • Pip @ JustB

      Fantastic, Melinda! Looking forward to chatting with you here! x

  • Megan Trousdale

    Hi Pip I have a blog and I’d like to improve it. Particularly the graphics. Looking forward to learning more.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh great! I am looking forward to teaching you some tricks! x

  • Jenny @ Ohjoh

    Thanks Pip – You’re a star!
    This is just what I need as I think I fall into the “dull, what the hell am doing with this thing” blog type.Looking forward to learning!ThanksJenny

    • Pip @ JustB

      This will be a cute pick-me-up and we can all do it together, right?!

  • bridget

    Looking forward to this! I am new to blogging but would love some help =]

    • Pip @ JustB

      I am here to help! Yep!

  • Jessica Cola

    Oh goodness yes! I am terrible at keeping the blog fresh, I’d love to learn some hints on content and consistency from someone who’s been blogging for so long (in internet years!)

    • Pip @ JustB

      I will tell you all I know! I am quite good at consistent! x

  • lou

    This sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve wanted to blog for a long time and i’ve recently started! Mostly about crocheting, but also about my doggies and various other aspects of life!

    • lou

      eek that’s supposed to be:

      • Pip @ JustB

        Okay! AND YAY! Your blog sounds like my cup of tea! x

        • lou


  • Belinda Edwards

    Yay Pip! I’ve tried (pretty unsuccessfully) to start three blogs – and I just need to keep my inspiration up. Some tips on taking pretty pictures would also help! You can read my lacklustre attempts at and Can’t wait for next Thursday!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Thanks so much for being part of this, Belinda! x

  • Georgina Clarke

    Fantastic thanks so much Pip! Consider me on board your blog-school train!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Toot toot!! Hello Georgina! x

  • Margaret

    Hi Pip
    This is just what I need – I live far from friends and family and would love to set up a blog just for them so I can feel more connected and stop feeling guilty about not emailing or writing enough letters. I have a long list of blogs I like to visit but I am a complete novice on the blogger side of things. Thanks!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh you are my PERFECT student, Margaret! Welcome aboard!! x

  • Emma Short

    Hi Pip, What a great idea – I blog rather erratically and would love to learn some cool tricks to do with making it all look funkier.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Okay! I have noted that down! :) x

  • Amie

    I’ve been writing blogs on and off for years, but I almost always end up feeling like it’s a chore and I lose interest. I really want to change that though because I’m getting to the pointy end of a Communication degree and I want my blog to be an online space where I can showcase my writing.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Well I can give you some tips about staying on track without feeling blah, I think! Thanks for joining in! x

  • Tarah Smith

    Yes Pip! I’m keen as mustard! I have a blog and I would love to grow it. Always open to learning more. Sounds wonderful!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I love mustard!!! x

  • kelly

    Thankyou for providing a platform to learn some blogging pearls of wisdom. Ive wanted to start my own blog for some time now, however Ive struggled to get it kick started and sometimes talk myself down for wanting to be another “mummy-blogger.” Your blog school has come at the perfect time and I can’t wait for lesson one!!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I am so glad you are here! I think I can HELP! x

  • Ann

    Love your idea! I’m in!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Thanks Ann! I am so glad!

  • Megan

    I’m looking forward to it! My blog is a bit of a tumble!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I love a tumble!! You should see my house!! x

  • anewkindofwonderful

    Hi Pip, would love love love to learn how to blog better. I have only recently started my blogging life and would love to learn more. Looking forward to reading more!
    Ellen :)

    • Pip @ JustB

      Looking forward to working with you on this!!!

  • emma

    What a great idea Pip! Although I’ve been blogging for a couple of years I’m sure there are many things that I still don’t know how to do!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Be sure to ask any questions and give me ideas about things you would like to know, too!! x

  • Ginny

    Definately! Can’t wait to learn.

    • Pip @ JustB

      YAY! I can’t wait to teach.

  • rubyjo

    This is perfect for me. My blog has stalled and I have tried to get back into it but it’s not really happening.

    • Pip @ JustB

      I can totally help with that!

  • Jayne G

    That sounds great! I’ve had a blog for years but probably not using it to its full potential. My exams will be finished by then-so I’m in!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Good luck with your exams!! x

  • Candice

    I’d love to join in! I have been wanting to start my blog for ages, I really want to share the things I do and make as so many lovely people share to inspire me. I’m very excited, I’m actually going to do it! : )

    • Pip @ JustB

      We can do it together! YES! x

  • Mandy Fell

    Oh yes please. Any help is appreciated!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I am looking forward to helping everyone! x

  • Jennifer :: The Blissful Brush

    Woweee … thanks Pip. Can’t wait to start! x

    • Pip @ JustB

      I can’t wait either!!

  • Beth Dolan

    Hi Pip,
    I’d love to be a part of it. I have an idea I’ve been thinking about for some time, but would love some support to get it up and running, and to wrestle with the technical aspects so it looks good on a micro-budget. I read a lot of design and crafty blogs (Miss PenPen, Handmadelife, Design FIles, Design Sponge, MMA Mikes, etc), some more personal blogs and am esp. interested in blogs about vintage book illustration and design.

    • Pip @ JustB

      I like your taste in blogs :) : I am all about the no-budget blogging, lady!!! xx

  • MrsLiss

    ohh, this could be just what I need, I’ve tried to start blogging a few times, and I get shy and lose confidence. I’ve been reading heaps of blogs for years and years, and I want to add my voice to the community- currently I feel like a wallflower sitting on the sidelines. All that to say, sounds great, count me in please, you have a lovely sharing spirit Ms Pip, thanks.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Yay! We can hang together. Perfect!! x

  • Michelle

    Great Idea Pip…I love learning new stuff…I would love to know more about “Jazzing” up my side bar with a more professional look…My fav blogger and friend is Tif aka Dottieangel…Her side bar is so stylish…

  • salwa

    Great Idea. I have a feeling I’m already doing everything right but I’ll be up for it. If I remember next thursday

  • eileen thomas

    This sounds great,I have always wanted to be a blogger but was stuck by the technology.Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • lisa :: the red thread

    Hi Pip, sharing your experience with new bloggers is so great! Yay for you! You may already have planned a lesson on this – a really important thing that new bloggers sometimes don’t consider is respectful crediting and linking. It goes SO far in making our online community a lovely and kind one and it really is so important to be nice! There is a fabulous website called LINKwithlove which I’m sure you’d know:
    I just wrote a blog post about linking etiquette on blogs and Pinterest this week. I hope it’s OK to link it here?
    Looking forward to following along!

  • Rebecca Thompson

    This is great Pip! I have only been blogging for 6 months and would love to learn your secrets :)

  • Rhonda Macheras

    Thank you Pip, I can’t wait. I am new to blogging and looking for all the advice i can get xxx

  • Amanda Clayson


  • Amanda Clayson

    Fantastic!! Am on the brink of starting my own blog and am back at Uni next year as a MATURE age student, so your input would be ideal. Plus I admire your achievements immensely!

  • raylee

    would love to learn more as i only know the basics. this is a great thing you are doing. thank you so much.!!!

  • Kindred Spirits

    Sounds good to me!!!! Thanks

  • Janine Peck

    Fabulous idea Pip, thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge!

    I already have a blog but have lost the mojo… struggling with the knowing how much of my life to share with the entire world thing (well, at least with the small handful of people who read it!)… I set it up as a pre-website thing for my craft business but have found the blogs I love to read are an equal combo of craft and life. I have internet intimacy issues!

    Looking forward to playing along!

  • Lee

    Sounds great. I am already a blogger (still pretty new) and would love to learn some new “tricks” cheers Lee

  • Carly

    Yes, Yes, Yes! Blog school from an inspirational blogger, who would say no!
    I can see people commenting below about next Thursday but I didn;t see any dates or where or how, am I missing something?
    I am an Aussie beginner blogger currently living in the Middle East, will it be an online school?

    • Pip @ JustB

      YES! Posts will go up every Thursday! Thanks for being so excited!!! x

  • Catherine King

    What a great idea – I would definitely like to join in. I’m in a funk at the moment about my blog – it’s been purely focused on my DIY / craft projects but I have been thinking about writing more generally about life and family and just whatever takes my fancy, but I’m not sure how to transition and then how to maintain it. Does that make sense?

    Also, your ideas about building a community of followers would be wonderful. Not just getting followers, but actually a community. Oh dear, I need to say again, does that make sense?

    I probably have million others, but hope this is useful.

  • Littlechrissy

    Yay I’m defo in! I have had a sporadically updated etsy store for years but want to be more organised and need to learn to promote my craft on my blog.

  • Maxine Bennett

    how wonderful, free!, and totally what i need. my fave blogs are posy gets cosy and fox’s lane. i feel kind of in a rut and would like to broaden out what i post about, but am not feeling very confident about that for some reason. and as someone mentioned earlier. consistency/posting regularly, i’d like to do it, but it just seems to slip…all the time!

  • Nicola

    I DREAM of having a blog but literally don’t know where to start! I’ll definately be tuning in. Can’t wait.

  • Cammo

    Thanks, Pip. I’ll be here next Thursday. (Funnily enough, I used to see you in the street often but was too shy to say hi properly. I worked at a well known not-for-profit org pretty damn close to your place until a few months ago. Now, I’m finally saying hi and I’m a bunch more kilometres away!)

  • Charlotte Rivers

    sounds great pip, i’m currently doing holly’s blogging your way course but i will be coming to your lessons too, you can never learn enough i say!

  • melinawilkins

    what a great idea.. thanks for sharing the knowledge!.. ;)

  • jo Smith

    I would love to learn how to blog. I am wanting to start one but feel very overwhelmed with how to start. This is perfect. Thank you and I look forward to next thursday

  • TracyVT

    Count me in please! I’ve been blogging regularly this year – a newbie – and would love some tips and tricks about page set up and techie ‘stuff’…and any new ideas for that matter! Sound terrific! Thanks for taking the time to share your skill and knowledge!

  • Emsy

    Super! Thanks so much Pip :)

  • michele

    Yeah! You must be a mind reader. i watched ‘julia and julia’ this week and it inspired me to establish a blog. i have been researching this week. i will now put this on hold and tune in next week. you are such an inspiration pip. good on you.

  • Clara

    I would love to learn more. I currently have a blog but it is a bit lacklustre at the moment and I do believe it could be better…

  • Bec @

    Hi Pip,
    This is such a fabulous idea – thanks in advance. I am fairly new to this whole blogging caper and while I am having a ball I need all the help I can get!

  • Kat Cameron

    wow, yes please! i’m keen beans! i’ve been blogging on and off for a while now, but i get slack on it, i need a burst of fresh air… this might really help, thanks Pip!!

  • Bec @

    I forgot to add… my current favorite blogs are: design files, Elise Blaha: enJoy, apartment therapy and many many more!

  • Aerlie

    Perfect timing! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Aerlie

  • Adriana Christianson

    Hi Pip-
    Are all these chairs in a circle facing the centre ?
    Ive been blogging for about 3 years and would love to learn more technical stuff, widgets and creepers and such….they all sound a bit Dr Who-ish ..
    thanks for your generosity,and community build ! :)

  • Olivia

    Thank you for offering your wisdom on blogging! And for FREE! You are a breath of fresh air in a community that has become more about profit and less about helping the very readers that have become your fans (and friends!) I am looking forward to your blog school! Thanks again! <3

  • Jules@littlewoollie

    I have a blog Pip, and would love to tart it up bit so some handy tips from a guru like yourself would be great! Looking forward to learning more. Julie:)

  • Cath Elizabeth

    Oooh I would so love to be part of blog school! I could really do with any tips on creating graphics, headers, buttons, etc and how to write nice, interesting things and make some new blog friends! :)

  • jodesmac

    Yes I would love to learn. Been thinking about it for a long time. I need action!

  • Kirsty Ellen

    Wahoo! Yes please, count me in. I was just thinking today it would be fab to be able to learn more and chat about all things blogging. My blog is here Yay, can’t wait for next Thursday! Thanks Pip, you rock xx

  • hilde

    I’ve just started my blog (!), so this is right up my alley! Excited to see what you’ll be posting!

  • andrea

    I started a blog (that is I signed up for an blogger account and messed around with the lay out), but I didn’t start posting yet becasue I am not entirely happy with the lay out yet and I am not completely sure how to start. So I will definitely be here next thursday :)

  • Emma Stickley

    I’d love to join in with this – I have a blog, but I haven’t really started it up properly and the posts are a bit sporadic. :)

  • teresa w

    I would love to learn to blog! I so enjoy reading other peoples blogs and have often wanted to start my own. I look forward to your blog school!

  • Kate

    Wow sounds amazing! I would love to be a part of it. Thanks Pip!

  • Lou@ make do sew

    Can’t wait to join you every Thursday, I’ve been writing my blog since January and would love to learn more. Thanks for sharing your skills with us xx

  • Helen

    I would love to attend the class too, wondering how I will find you again, I am so useless at this but I have three blogs and they could really do with some attention and sparkle.

  • kittybaroque

    ooooohhhhhhhhhh meeeeeeeee XXX Blogging with @meetmeatmikes would be da whizz!!!

  • Claire

    Good stuff, Pip. Looking forward to Lesson #1 :)

  • Kate@foxslane

    This is exactly the kind of generosity I was talking about.
    You are so ace. xx

  • Patti

    Hi Pip, I have just begun to set up my blog. I am so happy you will be starting your blog school! I can’t wait till next Thursday. Thanks for everything you do!

  • Anna

    happy to learn some more blogging skills

  • suse

    I would like to start from scratch, please……… need help.

  • Rhonda Morris

    Sounds great.

  • Lauren

    It’s a date!

  • Jaclyn

    LOVE this idea Pip! Looking forward each lesson! :)

  • Lipgloss Mumma

    Great idea Pip! x

  • Narelle

    Yes please!!! I have a blog but keep falling off the wagon (and I dont think anyone reads it!). Thursday is in the diary.

  • Lee

    Hi Pip,
    I can’t wait to see what fantastic tips you have to share.
    Like a lot of others out there it’s always an idea in my head but I don’t quite know how to translate my ideas in to an interesting blog that people would like to read.Looking forward to the classes and thanks for being an inspiration.Lee x

  • Paula

    I would love to learn more Pip, count me in. I love the design, craft and “housey” blogs but have to admit it’s always about the personality behind the blog – lots of positivism like your good self!

  • Jo Hodges

    sounds fabulous….can’t wait!!!!

  • Alittlespacelikehome

    Is it too much to ask if you can run a segment on how to be awesome. lol. I look forward to following along.

  • Kerri

    Count me in, my blog really needs a make-over.

  • Michelle

    I have just started a blog and am very keen to know how to attract readers and how often is a good amount to blog without it completely taking over your life.

  • theghostwhoshops

    count me in …

  • Winlove

    i’ve started blogging before but I can’t follow through..but since we have started our online business i felt the need to start another blog for it..i need tips maybe on scheduling or something like that, or the entries i need to put in

  • deborah

    Yes please! So much I want to learn about blogging. The end of last year I threw out the sensible day job to live my biggest life working with my crafty hands, revitalising & reupholstering lovely vintage furniture and I want to share my work and inspiration through my blog but I get stuck with the back of house stuff so I tend to walk away. I want to get over that fear and blog with gusto, love and realness – which is what I love about your blog Pip. So bring it on I say & also thanks for your generosity.

  • Chris

    Hi pip
    I’m enrolled for your blog school! Please can you teach how to put links in?! I’m sorry if I sound stupid but have never had tech lessons.
    I want to start a knitting blog and my dream is to podcast!
    Chris x

    • Pip @ JustB

      What kind of blog do you have, Chris? Is it Blogger or WordPress? Or something else? x

  • Vanessa Eileen

    Count me in too! Just decided on a business name and want to learn how to establish an ‘interesting’ presence. Kind of curious about how to make a ‘secret’ personal blog as well. You know what they say, ‘In for a penny, in for a pound..’

  • Bee Buzz

    Hi Pip, I would love to take parrt in your blogging lessons. Kind regards Bee x

  • samanthadennison

    Hi, Pip. I’m looking forward to learning more about blogging, too. It’s one of my favourite things, learning. Thank you!!

  • Wendy

    GREAT idea! I am rather lapse when it comes to actually writing posts! I spend lots of time making, and designing and generally ‘making pretty’ – But then i spend so much time doing that, i then forget to actually write the thing!! Tips on keeping up to date and making it part of your day would be super helpful! Thanks Pip!

  • bigfathomebird

    This is such a great idea and I can’t wait until next Thursday! I love your blog so feel very inspired and look forward to seeing more.

  • carolyn

    Sounds wonderful, i write a blog but i am not using it effectively and could use some help from someone in the know!

  • mother rucker @mylifebackstage

    If YOU build It, THEY will come……
    Good on you setting up Blog School . I will be the first to sit in your virtual class with an apple standing by!

  • cate Lawrence

    really excited about this. I would like to learn how to do product/image boards like the ones on polyvore (but not on polyvore if that makes sense). I think they are called look books?

  • Elaine

    I’m ready …I tried to start a blog then could never get things to work and blah I just forgot and gave up but it’s always in the back of my mind as something I want to do … Thank you Pip!

  • Tracey Ewing

    Wow!! I have wanted my own blog for years and have done a bit of googling on how to every now and then, but just couldnt really find anything helpful on exactly “How to” Have your sessions already started?? I hope I havent missed out :/ If not I would most certainly LOVE to take part in your blog school :)

  • Christine

    sounds fantastic – see you next Thursday

  • Pippa

    I’m in! :)

  • BrokenPixie

    thanks for your great inspiration. will be there Thursdays!

  • Sally Cooper

    yes pleeeeease Lovely Miss Pip! I need help!!! :0)

  • Miss-Adelaide

    Yahoo! Count me in please! I’m a blogging newbie but have been lurking on the sidelines for a long time, wanting to jump in. Looking forward to it!

  • Fran Atkinson

    Sign me up! My blog is stale. I need help.

  • Kylie Hughes

    This is perfect timing for me THANKS PIP! Looking forward to starting a blog.

  • Jenelle Botts

    Can’t wait! Thanks for the class offering. I am a new-again blogger and need help with focusing on ideas and finding my writing style. Thanks!

  • Noo

    I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now but never knew how to get started. So you can imagine my excitement to follow your blog school. Can’t wait to get started.

  • Justin Edge

    I’m totes in Pip!

  • Sarah wayland

    Hi pip! Id love to learn how to make my blog prettier…its a bit beige at the moment

  • Yay Craft

    Oh this is perfect timing! I’ve just started a blog and definitely need some help. I’ll be here on Thurs ready to take notes!

  • rebecca

    wow – sounds amazing would love to learn all about blogging .

  • Sharon Parker

    Sounds brilliant. Looking forward to it!

  • Porcini

    I’d love to join in! I really want to learn more about designing blogs and content, how analytics works and how it can be used, what the deal is with sponsoring, as well as organising posts and thoughts into some reliable routine.

  • anastasiaC

    what a great idea Pip – always great to learn more and share tips. Love to hear what works for other bloggers and how they find inspiration to blog!!

  • Annabelle

    How do I register?

  • Helen

    I’ll be here… I need some serious inspiration for my blog, it’s falling asleep.

  • Melissa

    Wonderful idea! I really want to learn more.

    <3 Melissa

  • Rachel

    I would love to learn more in order to give my blog a little bit more pizzazz! Look forward to the next post!

  • Amy

    Love too

  • Julia chumkovski

    Count me in. I have a blog but I need to figure out what to do with it. My all time favourite blog is Bleubird vintage ( I saw your book on there!)

  • Marja

    Great! Just what i was waiting for. I ‘ll join your class on thursday! Greetings from Marja.

  • Holly

    Gosh, yes. I’d love to!!

  • Carolyn Leslie

    Ooh, could I come (late!) to this party? If I ask really, really nicely?

  • GiGi

    Have been thinking about starting a blog for a while, so am very excited to get some tips.

  • karen

    Hi, starting a blog has been on my to do list for years, I even bought a website name years ago, but all i do is read great blogs, add things on pinterest, feel inspired without actually doing anything and ultimately feel intimidated! This sounds great!

  • Moira Hickman

    I would love to join in! Always seem to be too busy with my regular working life to do the groundwork by myself. I’d really like to use a blog to inspire my creative life which is a bit lacking at the moment. How generous of you Pip! I’d assumed I would pay for this and would have been happy to do so.

  • Alli Tillcock

    This is me and I’m interested in looking at the blogging journey with you. I blog here…

  • Karen Cunningham

    A couple of uk bloggy friends have signed up and I am really excited to join in. I have been blogging for a couple of years – stories of family and crochet but feel that my blog lacks structure. I am really looking forward to this!

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  • rolomo

    i’m in

  • beefitzpatrick

    Can I join up now please … love your blog and am excited to learn how to blog better … Bee x

  • Jane

    Thanks so much for this Pip! The timing is perfect for me as I have just set up a blog as a Uni assignment and am excited to learn more. Love your work!

  • operationhopefistula

    Count me in please Pip.. need all the help I can get :-)

  • Julesbee

    hi. Do you need a Facebook account or twitter to start a blog?

  • Lisa Jayne

    I’m a month behind but I’ll catch up. Love this idea as I’ve wanted to start a blog for ages but just never got around to it! How do I join in?

  • akapenny

    Can i please join the blog school ??

    • Pip @ JustB

      Of course! Welcome! x

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  • Nicole

    Sounds great – can’t wait to find out more – am so on the brink of starting up, just need the final push.

  • Summer-Lea Rivito

    I recently started a blog to showcase my crafts. I have not been able to make my blog look like a snazzy page like yours and many others I have seen. If you would like to check it out and give some pointers, that would be totally awesome.

  • Gayle Hannah

    Packing my banana sandwich and frozen juice – KEEN to learn. Thank you so much.

  • Anna Milic

    Thankyou for your kindness, I would love to join in too :-)

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  • Ruth

    HI, I’m new to blogging and was directed to your website by my wonderful boss, editor (and friend) – perfect timing as I’ve been umming and ahhing for ages, in between dealing with my 4 little people. I’d love to join in the fun! Cheers, Ruth

  • Zena Jaber

    Just joining now! I seem to find bits and pieces on this subject from blogs in American so it’s really great to find a homegrown site sharing so much useful and inspiring information. Thank you!

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  • christina from feltlikesmiling

    Just joining now. I have recently started my own blog – and would love some tips on how to get traffic and people other than your friends to check out my blog. thanks for sharing your knowledge

  • hulie

    sounds great i cant wait

  • Bec Zacher

    This sounds great, i’ll pop back and join in for sure.

  • ittybittypolkadot

    Hi Pip! :)
    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for to take my newly formed blog to a must read! Thankyou so much – I am really looking forward to learning lots from you!

  • Dani Ko

    I would love to learn. add me in:)

  • Alice Cornelios

    I just visited your blog pip and its good, well, I want to gain more readers to my blog as well. Any tips for me? Thanks. My blog is

  • digitalfrogblog

    good sheet ..but need just a little more …more detail

  • jj the man

    im loving this really even though im below you in results

  • digitalfrogblog

    im loving this really even though im below you in results

  • allthingsfancy

    This is just what I need. I have 10000 ideas but need some guidance to get the ball rolling.

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  • Bookholiday
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