Lipstick or lipgloss? What do you pucker up with?

I have to have something on my lips. At all times.

By something, I mean some form of lipstick, stain or gloss. I feel naked without it and and I can feel the skin on my lips literally cracking under the pressure of me not getting a re-application of SOMETHING on them quick enough.

Rummage through my handbag at any given time and you’ll likely find at least five forms of lip something-a-others.

You know, just in case.

If I’m feeling a little down and looking for a quick perk-me-up, I don’t reach for a coffee. I reach for a some kind of lip fix.

Clearly, I have a problem. Of the First World kind.

Just writing the words above has had me reaching for my Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. My lips are very happy now. I knew you were concerned.

Overnight, I’ll apply some Lanolips 101 Ointment. Before I leave the house in the morning, I’ll add a lip-plumping Jane Iredale nude colour lippy. At my desk, I have various options open to me. Mostly I’ll reach for a gloss during the day.

If I have to go out or put on a “face”, I’ve become a pout evangelist, preaching the statement lip. Napoleon Perdis’ Lady in Red hybrid gloss/lip stain for glam night out. Or I’ll do a statement pink – Illamasqua lipstick in Resist – or statement orange – Napoleon Perdis Divine Goddess in Niki.

Options, people. I need options. You could say I have a lip-robe.

Anyhoo, enough about me. I want to know all about your lip habits.

Are you a die-hard gloss girl? Or do you have a signature lip colour and brand that you always wear? Can you remember the first lipstick you ever owned?

Spill your lip stories below. I want to know them all.

Oh, and pucker up … here are some of my favourite lip colour images.

Main photo: Pink Preppy Lilly Lover

  • Hannah O’Brien

    I know this sounds crazy… but I choose my lip product based on my hairstyle.  Hair down means lipstick, as I am forever getting loose strands stuck in my gloss.  And yes, statement colour is a must – I make it matte so I don’t have to touch up, and either a strong red or hot pink.

    Hair up means a gloss, so I can still wear colour but it’s more sheer since there is more focus on my face with my hair out of the way. 

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      Hannah, that is not crazy – that is genius. Plus you’re mixing up your looks and that’s always a GOOD thing!

    • J E Dawe

      Wow Hannah , what a great idea about the hair and whatnot wear on your lips, I have never thought of that and hate my hair getting stuck on my gloss. Thanks

  • Lippy Q&A

    My question is a little random but still on the topic of lippy… Has anyone seen the dark berry type shade of lipstick that the wife in Homeland wears and know what it is or similar? It is so hard with dark features to find a lipstick that suits.

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      ooh, that’s a good question. Have you heard of Illamasqua (they are in City Myer stores around the country) – check out this colour range here.

  • She’s Sonic

    I am UH-bsessed with lip products. I used to solely be a Lipgloss Girl but am now also a Lipstick Girl. I swing both ways!!

    I too, apply a lip balm before bed (must be The Lip Slip by Sara Happ) and am constantly reapplying lipgloss/lipstick throughout the day.

    Today I’m carrying 3 lipsticks, a lip liner, a lip balm and a lipgloss in my bag. And there is a lip balm and lipgloss on my desk here at work.

    OK, I’ve finished my sushi lunch now. Time to reapply…!!

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      At least if I sat next to you and for some extremely strange reason had forgotten to pack a lip product, I’d be set!

  • J E Dawe

    Well firstly I now no longer feel weird having at least 4 different forms of lip ( help) in the bottom of my bag, something my husband thinks is crazy! What was he doing in my bag anyways??? I have a Burt’s bees in the pink you told us about for cancer month, I have two diff colored lanolips, and a couple of channel gloss’s just in case I decide to put mascara on as well! Lol I have been using the lanolips mostly while ive been in the cold dry weather, and they ( my lips) look and feel great. Oh and i also have Napoleon auto pilot lip plumper in a really cool red, that looks spunky but goes with any color clothes I’m wearing:) The only complaint I have of that one, is my husband always spies it and wants to come over for a smooch!! What is he thinking!!

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      Hahaha! And you know what? I’ve been known to turn around and go home if I’ve stepped out with a different handbag and no lip product!!

  • Jamcat

    i am the same i thought i was the only one who wore something on my lips to bed,very glad that I am not :) I have a big tub of pawpaw oitment for bed and when i am at home and a huge assortment of glosses ,lipsticks and in betweens for other times ,so you are not alone Nicki . 

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      Good to know Jamcat!

  • Sarah

    Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one carrying around a bag full of various lip balms. Cannot leave the house with out it. Literally. Even while at work it’s in my pocket and at home they are on the bench and beside the bed and in all the bathrooms. I also love maybelline baby lips and another favourite is mentholatum softlips. As for colour, I tend to choose sheer or colour balms. Cannot stand gloss for the hair factor and also the stickiness that most of them have. Loving Clinique chubby sticks at the moment.

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      Ooh, LOVE Chubby sticks – Australis ones are good too!

  • Laurajane

    Gloss or balm that has colour! I like to keep ‘em moisturised!

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      They can’t dry out. Not at all!

  • kateling

    I am definitely lipstick not gloss…and need 4-6 colours through week easily.  Thye are on desk in little jar and in car and def in bag…. but often forgot to apply. No idea why.

    i have a synesthetic friend who chooses dress and lippy based on perfume… certain smells conjure different colors and textures for her . Such as tabu is black velvet and red matte lips. Interesting.

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      Oh, wow – I like your friend’s style. I really do. And yours as well ;)

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  • Bianca @ JustB

    I wear lipgloss every day and lipstick when I go out. Red lipstick. I LOVE it! x

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      And you rock those red lips when you do!

  • Tracy Collins

    Howdy…Lipgloss all the way baby. Have yet to find a red know pure red..any suggestions?
    I just bought Nutrimetics ‘glossy shine’ in Orchid Breeze, brush applicator.

    • Nikki @ Justb.

      I love Napoleon Perdis Lady in Red lipgloss – its a hybrid gloss/stain.

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