5 key fashion trends to try for autumn 2012

Have you ventured near clothes stores and boutiques lately?  If you have you would have seen that it’s starting to look a lot like autumn in fashion land.

This is, of course, a super tricky conundrum to get your head around and it’s ok if you don’t get your head around it. It’s just how the fashion industry works.

Yes, as we are still in the grips of summer and weekends at the beach, yet the law of fashion decrees that the cooler season stuff must arrive in our stores. Stat. Meanwhile, boutique owners and store buyers are ordering stock for next summer. Confused? Much?

And in the fickle world that is fashion, there are always “new” trends thrust in our general direction. I added the inverted commas around “new” as these days there are few totally new trends. Most are variations of something that has gone before. And most are variations on what we’ve seen and worn the season before.

Which is good for you because it’s really very silly to start your wardrobe over again each season. You want to add to it and fill the gaps so that you’re on trend but not trending. If you get my drift.

You want to be YOU. You don’t want any trends to take away from YOU. The best ones will make you look and feel a gazillion feet tall.

Here are five trends to try on for size this season:

autumn 2012 key trends

1. Earthy colours: Totally in love with this Gorman waffle t-shirt dress. Perfect on its own for now and you can layer it with tights, boots and a coat for winter. The colours are on the fashion money with an earthy mix and a touch of bright your keys to style this season.

2. The jacket: You’ll find a stack of jackets out there – structured and floaty kimono styles – consider both as the icing on the cake of your autumn outfit. You only need a simple tee underneath, maybe a scarf on top and you’re good to go. This one’s from Witchery.

3. Animal print: It’s everywhere – from sheer shirts like this one from Sussan (the sheer shirt thing is also a huge trend in itself) to jackets, boots, heels, handbags and loafers. There’s a little bit of animal in everyone and I suspect that most of you have a little bit of animal print tucked away in your wardrobe already. Don’t you? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

4. Coloured jeans: Yes, you can. You can go there. If a little unsure, I’d go for a rust, red or wine colour and wear them back with neutrals – think a white tee, tan boots and a nude/tan coloured jacket. I’d love you to try them on and have a bit of fun. Yes, I would. These are from Sportsgirl but just about every store even down to Emerson at Big W is doing them.

5. The ankle boot: This was a trend that very much rocked last winter and it’s going to be huge again with ankle boots in everything from platform heels through to low to the ground. My money’s on a honey/tan pair for teaming with those red coloured jeans. It’s a fresh look and a break from black. These babies are from Country Road.

Main photo: Trenery 
  • red*bec

    Hi Nikki, I have a shoe question for you – do you know where you can buy nice modern looking heels for women with wider feet?  Everytime I look on websites that offer wider shoes they all look like nanna shoes!!!!  Please Help!!!  Thanks  Bec

  • Rachel

    Loving most of the things, thanks 4 the short preview, I usually look n am overwhelmed by gaudy clothes n walk out. Now I know what 2 get, a few staples 2 feel trendy without being 2 young or over the top! Thanks 4 great tips!

    • http://www.stylingyou.com.au/ Nikki Parkinson

      That’s the key Rachel – go in with a plan in mind and shut out all the “clutter” that is out there. It just gets confusing and makes it difficult to make good choices.

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  • http://www.sandragale.blogspot.com/ Sandra Gale

    5 gorgeous choices – I want them all!

    • http://www.justbaustralia.com.au/ Nikki @ Justb.

      Just plan to add them to your wardrobe over a few months – this is how I work out my new-season add-ons. Plan ahead and then carry my little list around with me. Spreads out the purchases and stops me from “settling” for any old thing.

  • She’s Sonic


    This is the best post I have read on trends for autumn. All I want to know are what are the few key items that will work in with what I’ve got and not make me look like a trendy try-hard.

    Fantastic, going to share this on Twitter right now!!

    • http://www.justbaustralia.com.au/ Nikki @ Justb.

      Thanks She’s Sonic … love your style!

  • Tracey Purnell

    lovely review, thank you!

    • http://www.justbaustralia.com.au/ Nikki @ Justb.

      Thanks so much!

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  • Karen

    I have a question. I’m visiting my boyfriend in Melbourne in early April for about three weeks and I’m unsure what to bring since the weather is all over the place. Typically in USA we stray from wearing white pants in autumn, is the same true for Australia?

  • Melanie_2474

    So pleased to know I already have items in my wardrobe that tick all these trends – so true that what goes around comes around :)

  • kez

    love your taste in clothes – so good to get away from black – love the earthy and natural tones – thanks Nikki you are a breath of fresh air !

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