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Each week we’re tracking our favourite creative homebodies. This week we check in with Kirsty Macafee who blogs at Kootoyoo. Kirsty’s blog is full of beautiful photos and sweet musings on life. She’s amazingly crafty, completely clever and apart from being scarily inventive, she’s an all round rad chick. Let’s visit Kirst’s house.  Here’s what Kirsty wrote:


I really love stuff.  I think that it’s the stuff that gives a home character.  I vowed and declared when I moved into the current house that the stuff would be kept to a minimum because frankly nothing bores me more than dusting.

Just as you’d expect the collection of stuff has steadily grown over the time we’ve been here.  The place is bursting at the seams and I’ve recently had to cull to get the house ready to sell.

I’ve found the whole process rather cleansing.  It’s actually freeing to unload some of the stuff and then you only keep the stuff that helps to make your house feel like your home.  I want to live in a house filled with love and soul and surrounded by things and people who make me happy.

One thing that usually doesn’t go hand in hand with a lover of stuff is super clean.   It’s kind of hard to keep everything neat when every flaming surface is covered in beautifully dusty and dirty bits and pieces picked up at markets and op shops.  There’s also the stigma attached to having a freakishly neat abode.  I mean we all know the saying “Dull women have immaculate houses” and NOBODY wants to be dull.  Is there even a worse insult?

I’ve a sneaky confession for you … I really love clean.  It’s all part of being a creature of habit.  I have a routine and I stick to it.  Monday is my cleaning day.  All the furniture is lifted up off the floor.  Then I dust (this task bores me stupid so there’s a fair bit of ducking back and forth to the computer *).  The dusting takes longer than it should (see previous bracket*).  All the stuff is then casually but deliberately rearranged.  Then the floors are vac’d and mopped and I move onto the bathrooms.  Scrubbed within an inch of their lives they are.

There is absolutely nothing more satisfying that the first return to the house on a Monday afternoon when the house smells fresh and clean, the “stuff” glistening in the afternoon light and ready to face the busy week ahead.

I have devised a few “systems” to help make the jobs of collector and clean freak a little easier, most of these are really just about organisation and storage.  Perhaps the brightest of these ideas is my powder room for the medically minded.   I love all the vintage first aid stuff but can you begin to imagine the chore it would be to lift and dust all this stuff each week?  Issue solved…put it behind glass!  You just need a cursory waft with the duster and your done.  There’s plenty of time to spare to ensure there is nothing at all dull about you.

Disclaimer:: Should you ever actually visit my home open cupboards at own risk.  The cleanliness is limited to “in plain sight”.

Would you like to share the bits of YOUR home that you love the most? Tweet or Instagram a photo with the #homebodies hashtag to share or join in.  We’ve got lots of wonderful bloggers posting their thoughts on home and #homebodies over the coming weeks.  Here’s Meet Me at Mike’s Pip’s house from last week.

This post was written for Harpic’s Clean For A Cause Campaign. Harpic will donate $10 to Save The Children for every hour that you clean. Win!  And speaking of winning, you could win a $100 gift voucher here, thanks to Harpic.

  • Kate@foxslane

    Oh Kirst, I wish I’d read this post half an hour ago.
    I just cancelled a gorgeous photographer friend who was booked to come and shoot us in our house next week. But I spent all morning being horrified by my mess and clutter and couldn’t imagine ever being ok about it.
    After reading this I can see that perhaps it’s ok because it just means I’m not dull. It’s creative. maybe??x

    • http://www.kootoyoo.com/ kootoyoo

      Absolutely! Just shove whatever’s too much for you in a cupboard and jam it shut (and keep your fingers crossed). xx

  • http://twitter.com/ruthbruten GourmetGirlfriend

    I absolutely LOVE your First aid collection behind glass.
    And i am rather fond of that Kitchen with red touches…as you well know :)
    I am now busily inventing a way to put my entire house behind glass so I can avoid dusting all together.
    Do you think it wil be a go-er?!Love your work K.xx

    • http://www.kootoyoo.com/ kootoyoo

      I DO Ruth. If anyone can do it you can!

  • Reannon Hope

    This might sound weird Kirsty but I just din’t picture you in such a white house! I’m not sure what I imagined. Don’t think I’m weird, I dont sit around thinking of what bloggers houses look like, but when you look at things people create you kinda make a picture in your head of what their spaces would look like…
    I think you have been very restarined in collecting things. Your house looks super clean & tidy & very lovely. I love that window above your kitchen sink, it looks like a piece of art.

    • http://www.kootoyoo.com/ kootoyoo

      Fear not…the white is oft covered in a cluttered mess of colour. But yes…I do know what you mean. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we are on the move. xx

  • Maxabella

    Clever you with the little glass cases for your beloved collection. I can’t stand dusting.

    Your home is really special, K. A lot like you, really! x

    • http://www.kootoyoo.com/ kootoyoo

      Thanks Bron. x