How To: Make A Facebook Cover Image Collage

Are you looking at your Facebook cover image and not feeling the love? Did it take you 38 attempts to load an image that SORT of looked okay?  Or maybe you want to add an image but you can’t choose from a few faves? Or you want to show things you make or do in your image? Well this is the post for you, loves!

Today I’m showing you how to make a simple collage using the online photo editing site PicMonkey. It’s sort of like a beginner’s version of Photoshop.  You can make these cute collages (like the one above) or you can edit images in other ways, adding text, speech bubbles or frames.  You can turn the colour, exposure and contrast up or down and make other useful changes too. PicMonkey for the win!

Now. Let me show you how to make a cute Facebook Cover Image Collage. Let’s go!

Do you want to do this too?  Do you use PicMonkey? Or another similar site?

x Pip

  • Lisa@Off the Couch Kids

    Some great tips, thanks!

    • Pip @ JustB

      You are SO welcome! :)

  • Reannon Hope

    I have been wondering for AGES how to do that so a BIG, MASSIVE, GIANT THANKYOU to you Pip xx

    • Pip @ JustB

      You are WELCOME! xx

  • Marie Mills

    That is awesome. Photoshop scares me a bit, PicMonkey sounds like it’s right around my pace. Thanks for sharing Pip :)

    • Pip @ JustB

      I think you will LOVE PicMonkey! x

  • Stacie Palframan

    Thanks for sharing this Pip, I have been wanting to do this on my FB biz page but had no idea how & really didn’t want to pay what people are asking to do it. I’m definitely going to give picmonkey a try x

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh yay! You will find this so easy to do, Stacie! xx

      • stacie Palframan

        all done! Thanks again x

  • hugoandelsa

    Love this Pip! I’ve just done mine x

  • Little White Dove

    You are the best! That was super easy to use… and fun! Thanks Pip :-)

  • Surely Sarah

    I just did it. Thanks Pip! So easy and looks FAB.

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  • Flicketty Splits

    Sooo useful, thank you! I now have a new FB cover photo I’d never have had otherwise.

  • Mez

    I just love picmonkey – I use it all the time. The Facebook thing is awesome! Just found this blog and it’s fabulous!

  • Lauri Mcdonald

    thank you Pip! as always you are a useful knowledgable chicky!

  • Sze-Ling Ng

    Hi Pip! I just wanted to say thank you so much for introducing me to PicMonkey! It is all kinds of awesome! It has made my life so much easier! I’ve even blogged about it so that more people can enjoy this awesome free software! THANK YOU! =D

  • gogirl

    thanks for that just updated business page – too easy

  • modflowers

    Feeling pretty pleased with myself that I had already worked out how to do this all by myself! Just one thing to add to Pip’s very comprehensive instructions – make sure you edit / tweak your photos (using PicMonkey of course!) and save the new, improved versions before you start uploading!

  • Tess Carrad

    Oh that is great! thanks so much.

  • Tess Carrad

    yay! thanks so much – I just did it for my shop page. It was so easy, thanks for showing the way : )