Food: Eleven Ace No Bake Treats

Me and my ovens, we don’t always get along.  I live in a converted shop and we don’t have a ‘proper’ kitchen. What we do have is a makeshift kitchen, with a portable oven and we also have a big pizza oven in our courtyard. The pizza oven is very HOT and it’s great for roasting and pizzas (obvs!)  The portable oven is very small and is useful for making small batches of things due to its petite size.  It’s a bit of a juggle to bake anything sweet, really. Finding the right sized trays and tins is mildly annoying.

Anyhoo, this led me to the idea of the no-bake treat.  The no-bake treat is perfect for those of us who have bad-tempered or ill-conceived ovens.  It thumbs its nose at the whole notion of 350 degrees.  It bypasses the oven completely and comes together as a sweet treat you can’t beat. Well. Maybe you do have to beat it, you’ll have to check the recipe.

Here’s eleven no-bakers that seem super delicious.  Perfect for lunch boxes or morning coffee treats. Some of them are even a bit healthy, which is a total bonus, right?!

How is your oven? Is it a good one? Can I come over and use it?

x Pip

  • Lindy Taylor

    Oh Pip, you can come and use my oven. It’s huge! But the temperature gauge is dodgy since one of my kids turned the knob the wrong way, so I burn cakes really often now. :-( And I live in Brisbane, so there’s no using it in Summer coz it just makes the house too damn hot. Sorry, maybe you better find someone elses oven to use…. Maybe you’d like to borrow my slow-cooker instead?

  • Blossom

    I have trouble getting my oven to light !! I even got it checked and the service guy got it to light 1st go !!! The only one that can get it to light fist try is a friend of mine who isn’t here very often when I want to use, so it has only been used about 4 times. I seem to burn or overcook everything under the griller so it has been used even less.

  • JessB

    I quite like my oven!
    And I loved the idea of yoghurt-dipped strawberries, but when I went to the link and read the comments on the article I decided against it. Sounds like one of those things where the pretty picture distracts from the difficulty of the recipe.
    But I have looked at lots of the other recipes which look delicious and which I will make soon (I hope).

  • Angela.

    Have looked also at the link and the comments of people who have attempted to make these and have dismally failed. Personally….I would be using either straight white chocolate or blend of melted white choc and yogurt. Let the white choc help set the yogurt. And if you look at the shape of the yogurt around the strawberries…they have not been dipped….they have been done in a mould as each one is perfect and uniform in shape and size. You can’t get that thickness or perfection by dipping. Don’t aim for the look in that picture unless you use a chocolate mould. But hey strawberries dipped in choc or yogurt is yum no matter how it looks.