Five Good Things: Friday

Our completely un-boring Monday to Friday round-up of great things you need to know about. 

1. You didn’t KNOW you needed to know how to make ten minute pompoms did you? Well, I’m here to tell you that you REALLY do need to know how to make ‘em! And I am showing you how on my very own blog. Go there for the ten minute pompom rundown!

2. Evie’s sharing the beautiful work of Esther Sandler. Pompoms (again!) meets tapestry meets polka dots = gorgeous. Thanks for the great tip Evie!

3. Park and Cube shares SUPER BEAUTIFUL photos of Dishoom (a Bombay style cafe) in London. Am I making you hungry?!

4. Cute-face blogger Satsuki Shibuya always curates beautiful things on her blog. The good news is that she’s launching her Youtube channel and it’s going to be super cute! Go here to find out more and watch the video (I tricked you with that screenshot, didn’t I?!)

5. The Kid Should See This is one of my favourite blogs. I am in love with this video, especially. You have to watch it! CLICK THROUGH!

Do you have any good things to share? Things we should all know about? Add them in the comments section, won’t you?

x Pip