Food: Eleven Speedy Stir-Fried Dishes

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Some people are a whizz with the wok. Kylie Kwong and Luke Nguyen come to mind straight away, right? And Elizabeth Chong frying with Bert Newton on Good Morning Australia, too.  They know all about how hot to get the pan, how much oil, when to add what, when to not, that kind of thing. They make it look easy.

I am still learning how to wok on well.  I know that you need to prepare all your ingredients and have your sauces on standby before you turn on the heat. I know that you need to have the wok very hot before you even think about adding oil. I know that you need to keep moving so that you don’t burn your garlic. I know that you need to kind of layer your ingredients, adding each one at the optimum time and cooking it just long enough to sear and seal, but not so long that you turn your meal into some kind of rubbery/sloppy mess. Phew. I know quite a BIT.

But knowing  is not always doing, and I need to practice.  Perhaps you need to practice too?  Maybe you want to improve your stir fry skills or perhaps you want to add to your existing stir fry book of tricks?

Here’s eleven delicious ways to do that!  Am I making you hungry?!

Are you good at cooking this kind of thing? Are you a snappy stir fryer?

x Pip

  • starfire

    I actually made this the other night and was a bit disappointed! The flavors were not pungent enough for me. If I did make it again I would concentrate down the orange juice

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh that’s interesting, starfire. Thanks for that feedback! x

  • Lintee

    Where are the recipe’s for the dishes? I’m a new to Pinterest and am having a time finding the recipes.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Hello! The recipe link is under each image :) x

    • justbaustralia

      Click on the link under the photo to get to the original recipe.

  • LSU Tiger Mom

    Things look really good! Needing new ideas and these definitely look delicious.