Food : Eleven Really Delicious Rice Paper Roll Recipes

Are you a fan of rice paper rolls? I’m totally a fan of them if they are super tasty, super healthy and packed with heaps of flavoursome, crunchy punch.  Does that sound good to you?

If you’ve been a bit tired or are a bit run down, rice paper rolls are the perfect pick me up. Once you master the dip and roll, you’ll be tucking tasty tidbits with the best of ‘em!

Make sure you whip up some dipping sauce too : this Vietnamese one is good if you’re coming to grips with your hips. OR if you’re after a treat, try this peanut sauce. Yum. (You can learn how to assemble your rice paper rolls here with Janelle Bloom. She has some GOOD tips!)

Let’s roll!

Food : Eleven Really Delicious Rice Paper Roll Recipes
Food : Eleven Really Delicious Rice Paper Roll Recipes

Do you love rice paper rolls? Do you have a  favourite filling? Or a favourite recipe? Or a favourite place to eat them?!

Main image via The Hungry Dudes

  • Abbey_nut

    Yum! I like a bit of cooked chicken and hoisin sauce in mine. om nom nom. Or rice noodles with a grated carrot, coriander, oyster sauce, soy sauce and lemon juice mixed through before wraped up in the rice paper.

    • Sue Edwards

      i am trying to find the rice paper that doesnt need to be dipped in water ..we had them in vietnam with crispy pancake ..can you help me with the name of these

  • Pamela

    Hi there, I came across this page today. I love rice paper tidbits, & I need to tell you what amazed me most is that your wording is almost that which I have used in group settings, for many years now!!* I have always signed everything for years with” justb” & my opening is “say what you want & justb….” thought I would let you know, have an amazing day !! :)

  • Rachel Bentley Ramey

    Where do you find the rice papers? (Particular aisle, department?) I’ve been looking for a while, and I can’t seem to find them. (We do have an ethnic grocery here, too, so I really ought to be able to find them SOMEWHERE.) Do you have a picture of the package?

    • Shelley Abbott

      You can get them at the Bulk Barn – I buy Y & Y name brand rice paper rounds. Good luck!

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  • Donna

    Ok, maybe I’m just over looking it, but where are the recipes? The photo’s make them look really yummy!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Perhaps you can’t see them in your browser? They are under each image. What browser are you using, Donna? x Pip

      • Carolina

        I can’t see the recipes either. I am using Google Chrome. Since you didn’t get an answer, I decided to step in and tell you mine, because I have the same problem.

        • Pip @ JustB

          Oh darn it, Carolina! I am so sorry! I’m taking this back to tech support today. If you’d like to tell me which recipe you’re after I will send you the link! (Or recipes, even!) x Pip

          • Priscilla

            I’m guessing you never got this fixed, because I am seeing this page in google chrome and no recipes to be seen :(

          • Anna

            Firefox. No recipes. :(

  • Andree

    Recipes can be found by selecting the small red writing above the little pics.

  • Martye

    Those lok god but I’m no seeing the recipes here either. And no little red writing above the photos either for the person who suggested that. Using Firefox.

  • VegGirl84

    Where are the recipes??

  • k2

    click on the link below the pic which is the name of the roll

  • urtrific

    Hi Pip, I have just discovered your site and the rice paper rolls look great. You refer to 11 recipes and I can see the little “thumbprint” pictures but can not access the recipes. I have read other messages with the same problem. There are no names under the pictures. Can you assist please?
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Renee

    Frustrating site with no links to recipes, countless people asking for them with no response. Pics are beautiful, just wish we knew what what in theses rice paper rolls…very disappointing!

  • megz

    recipes are under FOOD:Eleven really delicious rice paper roll recipes just click on the brown writting that tells you what kind they are it will open to a new page with a pic and recipes :-)

  • Madison

    I’m also not seeing the recipes, I’m using chrome as my browser. :/

  • sandra

    this site is a big waste of time no recipes to be found I’ve clicked on everything

  • Gazzbarr

    This page is a bit poorly designed. The navigation to the actual recipes is unclear. A number of commenters have had trouble with this. The 11 recipes are actually hosted on other websites with a bunch of links to them on this page..To get to them I suggest to use tabbed browsing if you can and right-click on each of the small meal images, and open in a new tab or webpage (or click the centre wheel of your mouse to do the same for those who have that function).

  • Relosach

    Above the thumbprint photos are the links printed in brown for the particular photo you are looking at ….hit that brown worded link and you will find directions for making each dish….that is where the recipes are….

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  • Turd Ferguson

    All the recipes are red links directly above the thumbnail pics. Took me a minute to find them.

  • Dan K

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    Keep up the good work. I am looking forward for more easy food recipes in the future.
    You are welcome to visit my website >> Easy Fast Recipes for Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness. Cheers and have a great day!

  • Derrick Allen

    Hellon Donna and all, I had the same question?? I dont see any of the recipes only great photo’s.