Food : Eleven Healthy Quinoa Recipes

Are you a quinoa fan? I REALLY love quinoa, but I didn’t know much about it, (apart from the fact that I like spooning it into my mouth, especially if it’s dotted with delicious vegetables and a piquant dressing.)  I thought I’d do a little getting to know quinoa post. So let’s get introduced!

What IS quinoa? Quinoa is part of the Super Food Gang, a group of edibles which are meant to do amazing things for your system/energy.  It looks like a grain, but it’s actually a seed, and it’s a protein packed, gluten free option for health seeking Misses like us.

How do you say quinoa? KEEN-wah. You say it like that. Let’s do it. ‘Keen-wah’  Good.

Which type of quinoa should I use? There are lots of different kinds of quinoa, but most recipes will use black, red or white quinoa. These are the types which are most cultivated.

Do you cook with quinoa? Are YOU a health seeking Miss? Here’s eleven great quinoa recipes to add to your repertoire. Or perhaps you have some favourites of your own? Leave your quinoa tips and links in the comments, so we may all share in the seedy goodness.

Top Image : Maple Grilled Tempeh With Quinoa

  • Fiona

    Recently made a slice using quinoa flakes. It was a glutn, wheat and dairy free recipe, with honey and blueberries. the lady in the shop where I bought the flakes said it made great porridge, haven’t tried that yet.

  • lexlou

    I really want to give quinoa a go. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend. I am late to the quinoa party – but these recipes look so good, I might just give it a whirl. Thanks for the quinoa inspiration. x lexi

    • Pip @ JustB

      You are totally VERY welcome! xxx

  • Angela

    I am trying quinoa for the first time tonight! Thanks for sharing these recipes, I’m going to attempt the balsamic grilled veggies with basil quinoa salad!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I can’t wait to hear how it goes, Angela!! I hope you come back and tell us! xx

      • Angela

        The quinoa was delicious! But I stuffed up the eggplant component a bit – I decided to stir fry the veg instead of grilling it and the eggplant didn’t cook evenly. Some pieces were a tad raw still. Oops! I think I need more practise at cooking eggplant.

        • Pip @ JustB

          Oh well that is GOOD about the quinoa!! I have a really delicious recipe for eggplant… it’s cooked with honey and cumin and ginger and it would be DELISH with quinoa!! Thanks for the update, Angela!!! xx

  • Imogen Griffiths

    Wow, some of these look amazing. I’m still undecided on quinoa (I still prefer cous cous), but I’m determined to keep trying given it’s touted as such a super food. Thanks for the inspiration Pip!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I love couscous! The food so good they named it twice!!! xx

  • Parker Rolls

    I love the Garlic and Thyme Quinoa Patties so much, I’ve made them twice in the past week! Yum!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh YUM! I am going to make those,then! Good to know they are super good!!! xx

  • Reannon Hope Bowen

    Thanks for these Pip! I was only talking on FB last night with Heather about quinoa & how I really wanted to start eating it & she flicked me a link to a recipe that is by Nikki & on Veggie Mama’s blog. I’m taking it all as sign that I am MEANT to eat quinoa this week :)

  • Emma

    I replace the weetbix in traditional choccy slice with quinoa flakes. Kids haven’t noticed. The flour has a strong flavour so I sneak in a little in recipes for added goodness;)

  • Alex

    cooked with quinoa for the first time this morning and made cranberry porridge. amazing!!!!!!

  • pinkie62

    I tried quinoa last night and ABSOLUTELY love it!! It is also high-protein and magnesium rich which is a BONUS for pre-menoausal women. As a savoury, i roasted cauliflower with a little salsa mix and olive oil. When they were almost done, i stirred through pre-cooked quinoa. Leftover quinoa as dessert – poured on some coconut cream and drizzled golden syrup…can be had warm or cold….YUMMMMM!

    • Pip @ JustB

      You are full of good quinoa tips!!! I love the cauliflower idea. YUM!!! x

  • urban gatherer

    where exactly ARE the recipes??? All I see are pictures.

    • Pip @ JustB

      The recipe links are in the text under each image. Let me know if you can’t see that text in your browser and I will comment the link here for the recipe you like! x Pip

    • Deanne Schulz

      I only see pictures as well :(

  • Minnie

    these recipes are giving me the motivation to cook the quinoa in my pantry as I have recently been told that I have a food intolerance…a huge learning curve. It is scary and quite disgusting what food producers are putting into foods. Read the labels everyone and ditch the processed foods. :) ) Thanks a bunch

  • Crystal Burns

    Hey. I just found some recipes with quinoa in them. It says to use flaked quinoa, but all my super market had was the white quinoa… do you think this will still work?

    • Pip @ JustB

      They are different – substitution depends what you are using them for, Crystal. What kind of recipes are calling for the flaked variety? x

  • kylie

    i cannot print the cheesy quinoa cakes why!

    • justbaustralia

      Hi there Kylie
      Have you tried clicking on the text link under the image? Let me know if you can’t see that text in your browser and I will comment the link here for the recipe!

  • Haniefa

    I cant see the recipes :( how do i get them?

    • justbaustralia

      The recipe links are in the text under each image. Let me know if you
      can’t see that text in your browser and I will comment the link here for
      the recipe you like! x Pip

  • Joan

    Can you add it to muesli, raw?

  • Jeffrey Dowling


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