Food : Eleven Delicious Dips To Make

Did you ever watch the Mad Men episode where Pete returns the Chip ‘n’  Dip he and Trudy were given as a wedding gift? It is quite creepy, because as he stands in line with the gift, he’s getting all set to flirt his way into a refund via the pretty sales clerk.  She’s not buying it, and apparently nor is Pete because he leaves with a store credit instead of a refund (and a bonus bruised ego.) Hah!

Of course dips don’t have to be adulterous and shady. In fact, they can be totally delicious and completely appropriate. This is not 1960, thankfully and Pete Campbell and his intense schoolboy ways are just an entertaining TV nightmare.

Dips are apparently one of our favourite things, if you judge popularity by the space they commandeer at the local supermarket. Those kind of dips are nice, for sure, but if you want to elevate your dipping experience a little further, take a few minutes to make your own.  Not only will it taste 238 times better, but it will make you feel all happy/smug as you present your homemade efforts to the people in your life.

Are you a fan of the humble dip? Do you watch Mad Men? How do you feel about Pete? And Trudy?!

Top Image: Simple Mint Pea Dip Via  My New Roots

  • kate

    You have written one of my favorite lines on the internet ever: “Of course dips don’t have to be adulterous and shady.” And thanks for hunting out the awesome dip recipes, too!

  • C

    yum, great calculation x238, have thing is thee ol homemade dips, everyone goes around making mmm noises
    BTW saw a schoolboy from elite Melbs school this morning at tram stop with ‘alpha’ team on his jacket, oh my!