Food: Eleven Ace Meat-Free Recipes

Yesterday a really rad book arrived in the mail. It’s called Whole Larder Love (read the blog of the same name here) and it’s a robust, beautiful cookbook which focuses on eating seasonally, heartily, ethically and extremely deliciously.  Ace.  It got me itching to get into the kitchen and bang some pots and pans together. It made me want to head straight to the nearest Farmer’s Market this weekend and grab some kale or baby leeks or pumpkin. Yum.

This is what Rohan’s book looks like. This is me READING Rohan’s book…!

I think it’s great to eat what’s in season. And I think we would all do well to take a leaf out of the Whole Larder Love book, and try to adapt the Hunt, Grow, Gather lifestyle (although perhaps I might forgo the shooting my dinner bit!)  You can see Rohan’s book here.

It’s not meat free, but it’s all about eating ethically and well.  It’s about making the best kind of delicious choices each day.

Now, while you are waiting for Whole Larder Love to land on your doorstep,  you can look at this recipe collection I have compiled for you.  I thought we’d go meat free altogether and stick to the delicious comfort of vegetable only meals. These meals are rustic and generous and full of flavour, perfect for this weekend, or any time, really.  Click through and see.  (The recipe links are under each image, FYI.)

How about you? Do you go meat free? Or do you work hard to eat ethically? Or do you just love food? What are your thoughts on conscious eating, guys?

x Pip

  • Tess Carrad

    That book looks gorgeous….havn’t bought a cookbook for a while, methinks.

  • Reannon Hope

    Some yum looking recipes here Pip. That Spicy-Peanut Portobello Kale Rice Bowl looks so damn good! I really want to learn to love pumpkin, really I do, so maybe I should try that balsamic glaze recipe?
    Have a great weekend Pip xx

  • C

    Oh yes the Spicy Peanut Portobello Kale Rice Bowl is on this week’s menu! A week of Meat free Mondays!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Let me know what it’s like, C! x

  • Mej

    Thanks for these great recipes.
    What many people don’t know is that most recipes can be made vegetarian by simply leaving out the meat. Try it, you’ll see. If you miss the texture of meat, you can add substitutes: soy “meat”, beans, mushrooms, firm tofu, etc.