Thing Of The Day : Teepee Trampoline

Have you ever driven past roadside rubbish and spotted a discarded trampoline standing on its end? I have, and after seeing this repurposed trampoline I have the urge to rescue its thrown away friends and make them into new comfy cozy hanging hang-outs. Just like THIS one.

I really think that we could recycle and reinvent a LOT of the things we decide to throw out. Probably we could hang onto the things we have for a titch longer too, instead of constantly upgrading and renewing things?  Hm. It’s a pretty big, important subject, isn’t it? I am going to go and swing in this teepee and consider what I might be able to spruce up or renew.  How about you?

Thing Of The Day : Teepee Trampoline


  • Jenna Watkins

    that is so cool :-)

  • The Life of Clare

    This is awesome!  What a fantastic idea!

    • Pip @ JustB

      Let’s hang out in there!! x

  • Jon Brandt

    would you have design plans for this? jon.g.brandt at gmail dot com

  • Allenpepple

    Please send instructions to my email at I love this idea!! You did such an awesome job.

  • Laura

    Awesome.  I have purchased the trampoline from craigslist for $20.  But don’t know how to go about measuring for and making the “teepee” part.  Could you email me your thoughts/directions/pattern?  Thank you soooo much.

  • Jaycie
  • Liz Alexander

    Oh good grief; now I want one!!

  • Renee Cassin-Gizzi

    Please share your design plan for this @ Would really appreciate it!

  • Daniel.A

    this is awesome! if anybody had any luck getting the designs emailed could they forward them onto would be muchly appreciated!

  • Elizabeth Aldrich-Smith

    Could you please send any information regarding how to put this together to Thank you!

  • shaz

    did anyone get the instruction on making this ? thanks

    • Pip @ JustB

      We don’t have the instructions available :I think this will take some serious Googling! x

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