Life: Ten Adorable Teardrop Campers

Oh my. I am totally trying to work out how to save up $10 000 and buy myself a teardrop camper!  I DO realise that for the same amount of money I could be a MUCH bigger vintage caravan, but just LOOK AT HOW CUTE these are. Goodness gracious!!

Of course, these campers are only good for two people, but you could easily shove a tent in the boot of your car and sleep any extras in their own little annexe.  There is something super appealing about them, don’t you think? Kind of like a cute cubby house on wheels!

There’s something a little bit Jetsons about them, as though they were designed for a Brave New World, WAY back in the fifties.  Do you want one?! Here’s where to start shopping…

Aussie Teardrop Campers
Travelbug Teardrop Campers
Little Guy Australia
HansVans Teardrops

Shall we take a peek at some of my favourites…?!

If you’ve got someone super handy in your family, you could make your own! Download these Teardrop Camper Plans and off you go! (Kind of!)  There are more plans here.

OR you can buy a kit from this guy, which includes lots of the materials you need, plus instructions for less than $2500.

What do you think? Would you like to pack a tiny teardrop and head off into the countryside?!

x Pip

  • Jan/poppytalk

    The blue one is adorable!

    • Pip @ JustB

      I want one, Jan!!! x

  • GourmetGirlfriend

    I already have a european Vintage camper that i LOVE.
    it is my mobile home of joy. or as you describe a mobile cubby!
    2 double beds fold out and a room zips on the front to fit our entire family of seven. amazing really given that it folds into something smaller than a regular trailer!
    clever design.
    filled with the original 1970′s fabric of awesome.
    these teardrop numbers are trez gorgeous though!!!
    works of art in themselves.
    i would aslo love an Airstream.
    just sayin….

  • Alli Bitar

    My mother-in-law bought a tear drop trailer when she was 14! Her dad used to tow it to a campground near Banff and she & her friend used to camp by themselves for a week with their bikes to get to town. So much fun. Would never happen now. Anyway, she still owns it & we spent last summer camping out of it.

  • Julie
    Check this guy out :) he made my little teardrop and it is Amazing!, there are pictures of it on facy :) cheers, Julie

  • Daisypops

    I’m going to make one. If it doesn’t work, I can always turn it into a chicken coop (which is one of my other to-do projects – 2 birds in one coop!)

    • Pip @ JustB

      Do it, Daisypops! I would LOVE to see photos! (Also photos of chickens, I like those!) x

  • Nina Fenner

    They are completely adorable, but after a month of rain here in England in June I’m very aware that the sun is shining in all those pictures!

    • Pip @ JustB

      You have been totally ripped off, with the rain, haven’t you?! NOT FAIR! xx

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  • Sinead

    Do you happen to know where the camper in the second camper is from? I’d love to have one like that.

  • Caitlin

    I’ve been watching this show on Channel 4
    George is refurbishing at 70′s (or 60′s) caravan, it’s starting to look really cool. They’ve had some other really inspiring small spaces on the show too. I love the idea of being tucked up in one, customised to my taste!

  • One happy camper

    I just purchased a reproduction teardrop as my self 63 birthday present. My van is moulded fibreglass – sleek, modern and very light. I have an RV shade for the kitchen and one for door I am using. This gives additional space so I have privacy for dressing, additional space and rain coverage. With a minimal fuel bill, freedom to roam and a cute little van I couldn’t be happier.
    You can see my van on Apple campervans or ebay.
    One Happy Camper

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  • Mitch Lewis

    These have to be the greatest things in the world. Even the crankiest person in the world would be cured. Hope they’re still around when I retire.

  • Dawn Rutledge Tomlinson

    I just built mine and love it can’t wait to build he next one!

    • Ian Daly

      May I see photos of the one you made please.
      Regards Ian Daly

  • Frank Scenna

    Hi Pip

    I found your article by doing a Google search on teardrop campers. Thank you for spreading the word about them they are the most beautiful and functional accessories ever invented.

    My company “Tear Drop Camper Company” builds these and in my opinion they are the best in the world. My website is

    I was hoping you could put a link to my company website on your article as well so that people wanting to see what they look like can look at our gallery of campers as well.

    And if anyone wants to buy parts or a whole camper will have another website to do comparison with.


  • Katelyn Williams

    “…LOOK AT HOW CUTE these are.” – They definitely are! It is so cute and little, I want to get one for myself! On the second thought, I think I would prefer to get a bigger one. I got a lot of stuff, and I think it will not fit in there. But this one is still adorable! (Katelyn Williams)

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  • Fran Phelan

    I’m interested in purchasing a tear drop camper. Where do I go? & what is the cost? Yes

  • Guest


  • Gidupngo

    This seems to be the only Australian TearDrop Camper user site. I hope it keeps going. I’m just getting into TearDrops and have just started looking for a used TearDrop. Dose anyone know of a TearDrop camper group or club?