Home: Eleven Tea-Worthy eBay Mugs

I am quite weird about my tea. I can be quite particular. Don’t get me wrong, if I come to your house and drink tea I will LOVE anything you give me (except camomile because it smells funny and wee-ish). But if I’m at home I have fads of liking things a CERTAIN way for months at a time.

I used to like my tea like this:
Large mug + one regular Liptons tea bag + one Nerada chai tea bag + Vita Soy soy milk + Beechworth honey = bliss!

But now I am:
Large mug + one Dilmah tea bag (must be one from the 25 pack because they taste nicer) with Devondale skim milk and 2 Natvia sweeteners = yes!

I seem to have tea formulae. Special combinations of seemingly simple ingredients to complete my perfect cuppa. Diversions from these formulae are not a huge, big deal, but you may see me wince as I drink. I might even hold my nose. Also how good is the word formulae?

My formulae tend to change according to what I’m doing with my health. The soy milk was from when I was seeing how I felt sans dairy. And now the skim and Natvia are part of my healthy eating/drinking leaning. I did have some lovely French Earl Grey the other day at a friend’s  house and that’s made me a bit wanty in the change it up department. But when I think about switching to something else, I feel mildly panicked.

How about you? What’s your tea formula?  Here’s eleven cups to dunk, dangle or douse into!

  • Emma Short

    I’m fussy about the water only being boiled once – it does make the tea taste better. I start the day with English Breakfast, then go Earl Grey for the rest of the day, sometimes I like Lady Grey. My teenaged girls are nuts for chai with milk and sugar.
    Pip, try the Twinings Camomile and spearmint – the camomile is calming and the spearmint stops it tasting like wee!

    • Pip Lincolne

      GOOD tip, Emma! I don’t like the wee. Nope. xx