Home: Eleven Gorgeous House Boats

There’s something adventurous and romantic about house boats, right? They’re sort of like a floating cubby. Like a river play house, full of cute nooks and crannies, adorable cupboards and shelves, windows in surprising shapes and cute places to sit and while the afternoon away. SO great.

I do harbour (!) a dream to live on a house boat. I want to be that eccentric person who floats their life away, cleverly smug in the calming surrounds of my unusual home.   I want to cull all my things and find a warm river in a lovely town not too far from a fabulous city and boat it up.  I want to put nice pot plants on the window sill and an African violet in the bathroom.  There will be bohemian cushions on the sofa and everything will be freshly scrubbed and neat as a pin. Kind of.

I want to wake up, roll over and pull back gingham curtains to a brand new day full of RIVER. How does that grab you? Do you want to do that too?

Are you into House Boats? Do you think you’d like to holiday in one? Or live in one?!

xx Pip

  • Emma

    Hey Pip, Remember Tom Hanks houseboat in Sleepless in Seattle? Gorgeous. Sleeping on a boat is sooo good. The best holiday we ever had was on a houseboat, I don’t think I’ll ever get to live on one, but one day I’d love to take a canal boat through France like Rick Stein did.

    • http://www.justbaustralia.com.au/ Pip @ JustB

      Oh YES! I forgot about that one! AND let’s not forget the gorgeous movie ‘Houseboat’ with Sophia Loren. I really want to live on one. I wonder where I would need to live to do that… Not Melbourne, that is for sure! x

  • Nissa

    I now live in Amsterdam. Summer is here and all of the houseboats have red geraniums in pots and amazing rooftop gardens. Pretty as a picture!

  • Pamela

    love your site & PS I also use the words “justb”

  • AussieCampervans

    This is amazing. All the comforts and leisure are in the boat. Royal living in the middle of the water. Nice.
    Bella @ Campervan Hire Broome

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