Haloumi Heaven : My Perfect 10 Minute Lunch

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I’m on a bit of a haloumi bender. It started with last week’s trip to the Noosa farmers market. We were there visiting friends and our first stop was a morning stocking up on beautiful tropical fruits and this surprise treasure, buffalo milk haloumi. Creamy and almost nutty in flavour it was absolutely beautiful. Now we are back home and I’m trying to recreate our holiday and the long, lazy lunches we enjoyed most days by making things like this little platter below.

Really it’s hardly a recipe but the ingredients all work so well together and it takes only 10 minutes to cook so I thought I’d share the few steps involved so you can all join me in haloumi heaven.

Extra virgin olive oil
2 chorizo sausages, sliced
1 cup ripe, sweet cherry tomatoes, halved

400g haloumi, sliced
1 handful basil leaves

Cook the chorizo and tomato in a frying pan with a little olive oil for about five minutes, stirring often. Remove, reserving as much as the oil as possible and cook the haloumi for a few minutes or until golden on both sides. Toss together on a large white platter and scatter with the basil leaves.

At this point you could either serve with warm bread rolls like we did today or pile this mixture on top of some linguine. It would also be great sitting on a bed of baby spinach or new season rocket.

Then you might like to add a bowl of almonds, some taramasalata and a bottle of rose and  what you have there is my ideal quick weekend lunch.

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    This looks super delish, Sophie! YUM!