Food : Ten Ace Cakes To Swoon Over

Are you the cakey kind? I can’t think of anything nicer than a slice of cake and a cup of tea. Except a slice of cake and  a cup of coffee!  I don’t eat cake very often, but when I do I want to be sure it’s a corker. It needs to be the very BEST kind.

There is no point skimping on lesser cakes. No. You need to have the very best kind of chocolate cake, orange cake, meringue cake, vanilla cake, ombre cake, layer cake, harvest cake… Oh my!

If you’re going to spend some time with a cake, make it one of these.  They are the cream of the crop in terms of good looks and good taste. And there is no use hanging ‘midst the crumbs of something mediocre. You deserve the best.

So, here are our favourite cakes of the day.  (Click the link under each image to visit the recipe, btw!)

Which cake would you like me to make for you?!

  • sharon

    Yum! I would definitely have to say the chocolate cake deluxe.. yummo

  • Jenni Baame Kniits

    They all look amazing especially the Asparagus Fondant one but I would to for the cherry pavlova, just have a thing for merangue at the moment and that looks delicious!!

  • Reannon Hope Bowen

    I am a MASSIVE cake fan! So much so that Tim has sworn that on my headstone it will read “mmmmmm cake…”. I am loving all those delish cakes. I can feel my hips expanding already :)

  • Natalie {tiny & little}

    I’m a huge cake fan and love all of these! If I had to pick a favourite, I couldn’t resist the cherry pavlova. It looks amazing!

  • Linda

    Thanks so much for including my cakes! :-)