Food: Eleven Ways To Taco

Do you have Taco Vans where you live? In Melbourne, there was just one.. and a couple of cute taco restaurants… and now we’ve EXPLODED into a city of tacos. We are Taco Town. Tacos are the snack of choice. Tacos are IN. Also, tacos are YUM! Yes.

We make really good tacos at home, though, so we don’t go out to the cool taco places much. For instance, I like making this delicious slow cooked Mexican beef and having it on soft tacos with lots of lettuce and homemade salsa. Yum.

We also have yummy bean tacos sometimes… or really delicious chicken ones (the chicken is simmered slowly in my secret marinade and it’s SUPER good!)

I’m not the only one who’s into homemade tacos.  Lots of people DIY T.A.C.O.  We’ve rounded up some really great examples to share with you, just in time for the weekend! YUM!  Do you want to taco?

Food: Eleven Ways To Taco
Food: Eleven Ways To Taco

(Seafood bites: Melon Mojito Fish Tacos, via Cara's Cravings)

Are you a taco fan? Do you make them at home, or do you go out?

x Pip

  • NotJustNanny

    I am 100% team taco. Mmmmmmmmmm!

  • Michelle Crawford

    I love tacos…

  • Heather

    At home, with a nice Asian beer oddly