Food: Eleven Ways To Make Gnocchi

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You know I’m into gnocchi, right? I shared a recipe here a wee while ago, because it’s one of our very favourite family dinners. Of course my way is not the highway, it’s just a really good way to make gnocchi. There are other good ways to make gnocchi too. Gourmet Girlfriend makes really good gnocchi. And so does Rohan from Whole Larder Love.

It’s not just my blogging pals who are into The Gnocch, though.  Nope. Tons of other rad people are finding very delicious ways to make these little dumplings-as-pasta treats.  Maybe they use parsnip. Maybe they try spinach.  Perhaps some sweet potato?  It’s all about options, people.

Take a bit of a spin through this gallery and check out the many faces of gnocchi.  If you need to know more, check out Heidi Swanson’s ‘How To Make Gnocchi Like An Italian Grandmother‘ post. And this post shows you how to shape gnocchi with a fork (although I just make smooth little pillows when I make gnocchi.)  OR you can buy a gnocchi board and roll the ridges into your gnocchi like this.  Fancy!

Do you love gnocchi? Do you have a favourite recipe?

x Pip

  • GourmetGirlfriend

    Yes I DO love gnocchi!
    And until I did my Ricotta recipe I was a total failure at making gnocchi.
    I think I should try again with the others now and see how I go!
    They look sooooo divine don’t they?!
    Apart from being delish they really are so pretty & so versatile.
    I think we might be having Gnocchi for dinner tonight!

  • C

    My girls make your gnocchi all time Pip, I have to watch your video as we never write down the recipe, its a big hit on a quiet Sat night, all that yummy soft pillowyness. Garlic bread and red wine (lemonade for the girls!). But I am going to try the spinach one featured because that vegetable is the best.

    • Pip @ JustB

      Oh thank you, lady!!! xx Pip

  • Jason Galletti

    I love making gnocchi, always good to source the best potatoes possible and keep the sauce simple!