Food: Eleven Toasty Things To Snack On

Toast. Gosh. I like it.

I know a lot of people need to avoid toast, because they might be gluten intolerant, or perhaps they are on the Paleo eating program.  Or avoiding carbs.  I totally get that. Sometimes I avoid toast too.

Today, however, I am not avoiding toast. I met some for breakfast early this morning, accompanied by a scrape of butter and some Promite.  I may meet some later and put a slice of cheddar and a slathering of Avjar atop its crunchy canvas.  And tomorrow I might fancy things up, toast-wise, with some brie and a smattering of sliced cherry tomatoes. I’m into toast.

Perhaps you are a toast fan to? What do you have on your toast? What is your favourite combination of spread or condiments or slices of things?

If you are stuck for inspiration, here’s a rad gallery of toasty goodness.  The Welsh Rarebit is sounding pretty good to me. How about you?

Food: Eleven Toasty Ideas To Snack On
Food: Eleven Toasty Ideas To Snack On

(Cheesy, fruity, deliciousness :  She Eats Bears: Aged Cheddar and Apple Melt)

What’s on YOUR toast?!

x Pip

  • Michelle Crawford

    Toast is my favourite food. Really it is. I could live on it. But it has to be made with proper crusty bread. Sliced packet bread just won’t do.

    I love it with olive oil and avocado, or poached egg, or wilted spinach and garlic. Or jam. I love toast with lashings of butter and jam the most.