Food: Eleven Smashed Things To Snack On!

Look at those potatoes. Oh my. Is there anything better than something cooked to perfection and then smooshed up and seasoned?! I think not! Avocado, potatoes, chickpeas, beans. Cauliflower, pumpkin, tomatoes, peas.  All good things when they stand alone, but made infinitely more delicious when SMASHED!

I’m quite partial to smashed anything, and my Nanna still says ‘Can you smash the potatoes?’ instead of ‘mash the potatoes’ so I think there might be a nostalgic pull to the word for me.

But it’s not JUST the word. It’s the action and the delicious reaction the smashed thing has when squished and melded with cheese or yogurt or butter or olive oil.  It takes on a whole new life.  It becomes BETTER!

In case your experience of smashed delight is limited to potatoes (and there is nothing wrong with that!), I’ve gathered up some OTHER smashed excellence for your cooking/eating pleasure.  Let’s all smash together!

  • GourmetGirlfriend

    OMG I love spuds with Dill- that first one with garlic & dill – that will be on our plates tonight!
    How good does it look?!!!!