Food: Eleven Rad Recipes From Favourite Chefs

Today I got up early and spent some time with my favourite chefs.  I have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks (inspired by Nigella Lawson’s own cookbook library) and I like nothing better than to sit in the early morning quiet with a bowl of cafe au lait and flip through a stack of recipes.

I don’t always COOK the recipes, but I sometimes do and at the very least they give me great ideas for future lunches and delicious inspiration.  Ever watchful in the Good Stuff department, all that flipping lead me to this post.  I thought I would gather a bunch of great recipes by favourite chefs, showcasing my faves and reminding us of who we love in the world of culinary superstars.

Here’s eleven things to cook, as devised by eleven wonderful foodie heroes.  Do you have a favourite chef?

Food: Eleven Rad Recipes From Favourite Chefs
Food: Eleven Rad Recipes From Favourite Chefs

What would you like to cook?!

x Pip

  • Reannon Hope

    I do that too Pip, I even put post its on recipe I want to make. Sometimes I make them, lots of times I dont. I love to read cookbook like you read novels. Those cookbooks that have stories that go along with the recipes are always my faves! Tessa Kiros book are great for that :)
    Favourite chef…..I am a BIG Jamie fan. I credit him for my love of cooking. I love Nigella too. Lately I have been very inspired by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s latest book “Veg Everyday!”. I’m trying to eat more veg & this book, along with the TV series has been great!
    Who’s you favourite chef?